Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took ourselves over to Bates Nut Farm today. While it was sort of far away (I am pretty sure we passed like three other pumpkin patches on our way there) it was totally worth it because I went there as a kid when my family lived in Escondido, and it was GREAT fun. We took tons of pictures, of course.

On our way there we passed through Escondido (obviously) and we saw a bunch of landmarks from my childhood! Grape Day Park!! Remember the swimming lessons we took there, siblings? Remember when the girl got hit by a car right there and we watched the helicopter come? Anyway.

Daddy's Little Monster.
Decisions, decisions...

Sisters! We got those hair crown thingies. Necessary for a fair-type atmosphere.

MmMmMm. Fair food: barbecued corn.

Charlie vs. our pumpkin. Any guesses on the weight?

Greg's daddy pumpkin.
Charlie and his baby pumpkin.It's love.
Yeah, I got put in the backseat so Greg could properly secure the pumpkin.
A fun day ends in a nap for baby.


ferntyler said...

i love all the pictures, but mostly I can not believe you guys got that awesomely large pumpkin - I was scrolling down and thought you just took a picture with it and then there it was in the front seat of your car! sweet!

Jenny said...

I love the baby pumpkin and daddy pumpkin. I can't believe you really bought it! Charlie looks adorable. Bates Nut Farm is always such a fun place to visit.

Stacy Lawrence said...

for the record, i picked up that HUGE pumpkin on my onesies.... for a split second anyway. charlie looks like a little plump pumpkin among alll of the others, hahahaha. and i look asian in the 'crown' picture.

p.s. i remember the little girl getting hit by the car. it was the most exciting part of that lesson due to the fact that all we did was learn how to throw our boards in the water that day. lame.

Stacy Lawrence said...

i didn't pass swimming, you?

Ashcraft Family said...

Sure didn't, and Ken says he didn't either, so I guess the Lawrences failed all around in those classes.

Amanda said...

1. You're looking hot these days.
2. The boys are adorable.
3. What on earth are you going to do with that pumpkin!?