Friday, October 31, 2008


The ferocious dragon peeking out from under his costume.Thanks to the Wetzkers who invited us over for Halloween fun! We ate personal pan pizzas and then everyone went trick or treating while Kim and I handed out candy (my favorite part of Halloween).

Charlie spent the whole time waving at everyone who passed.

The trick or treating really wore him out. We didn't actually get him any candy, but we ran into some other friends from church and they donated a butterfinger to me.

He woke up when we got home, and he had to wear his post-Halloween costume. It says "I love my mummy." Tender. He played with candy wrappers.


Jenny said...

Cutest little dragon ever! It sounds like you had a great night!

Kim W said...

Thanks for coming over! It was fun! You did leave before the neighbor dogs got loose, scaring small children. And the teenage mooners. Always a party on our block! Ha! Charlie was adorable and fierce in his costume! Thanks for making the holiday fun!

The Bradley's said...

he's too cute in that costume. I love it!

Mendenhalls said...

I love that he can sleep through part of Halloween (and my boring lessons...)

Brandy said...

So cute in his little costume. You can't help but want to squeeze those chubby cheeks.