Friday, October 10, 2008

Dnt mind me

Haf the etters n my keybard are currenty nt wrking, s dnt mind nt hearing frm me fr a itte whie unti i can get this thing fixed

N unctuatin either

The he guy as in assistance said i had t discnnect and recnnect my keybard

He didnt seem fased by the fact that it is a at as in different frm deskt

I am having t find interesting ways t ut a f this! Smene can interret it and ut it as a cmment, in case yu have n cue what I am taking abut

raby Stacy as she and I seak ur wn anguage anyway


Stacy Lawrence said...

Half the letters on my keyboard are currently not working, so dont mind not hearing from me for a little while until i can get this thing fixed

No punctuation either

The help guy (as in assistance) said i had to disconnect and reconnect my keyboard

He didnt seem phased by the fact that it is a laptop (as in different from desktop)

I am having to find interesting ways to put all of this! Someone can interpret it and put it as a cmment, in case you have no clue what I am talking about

Maybe Stacy as she and I speak our own language anyway

ferntyler said...

wow - stacy does really know you well - I thought for sure there was something diry there in the middle- I must have a problem!

Jenny said...


Stacy Lawrence said...

I quote rachel while we were chatting online today:

"yu are ut f uck"


(she was ATTEMPTING to say "you are out of luck"... couldn't prove it by me.)

Tristen said...

I totally understood it!! Isn't that crazy that our brains can fill in the blanks?!

Stacy Lawrence said...

it is because tristen is a fellow lawrence. well done, tris :D