Sunday, October 5, 2008


Why I love fall:
1) Cooler weather. Turning the AC off and opening the windows!!!
2) The concept of leaves falling, although it doesn't happen too much here in California and when we were in Utah with six enormous trees in our yard, the raking is not as romantic as the concept of leaves falling.
3) Pumpkins/pumpkin pie.
4) Sweaters!
5) Football (although BYU falling to number nine while still undefeated is particularly annoying. Stupid BCS.)
6) Candy corn/those pumpkins that taste like candy corn but are somehow better.
7) Thanksgiving!!! YUM. Pregnancy-related nausea prevented any enjoyment of turkey last year, so this year, I will need to make up for that.
8) Ginger snaps, my favorite cookie, and pumpkin spice cookies, Greg's fav.
9) School supplies being on sale. I love school supplies.
10) October session of General Conference. Hasn't it been great?!


Curtis said...

I love your list and agree! Conference was great! i can never get enough pumpkin in any variety! Was eating pumpkin cheesecake during conference! This time of year is wonderful. I can even relate to the Thanksgiving experience. I went into labor on Thanksgiving with Allie in the morning and couldn't eat anything!

ferntyler said...

we have a big tree that dumps a ton of leaves right now, so I'm more focused on the non-romantic raking (and our leaves aren't pretty colors here), but I do love opening my windows for the cool air :)

Stacy Lawrence said...

gingersnaps are my fav, too. and don't even get me STARTED on school supply sales! i wanted to buy pounds and pounds the other day of mechanical pencil lead because i just wanted to!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could feel the cool fall air out here in AZ but it is still 100 degrees yikes when will it end??