Thursday, October 23, 2008

Any Thoughts?

I need advice on my baby boy.

1) I think he is teething again and won't sleep longer than a couple of hours at night.
2) He is a sick little guy. I guess it is a cold; there is a little tiny bit of coughing and his voice his hoarse. He sounds like a (precious) little mouse. Should I give him something? Poor little boy.
3) He is refusing to eat vegetables. Fruits or nothing, mom.
4) His naps for the last two days have been sixteen and seventeen minutes long, respectively. This combined with the wakeful nights mean that I seriously need a nap. Anyone want to come watch him while I sleep?

Any ideas for this list of problems?


Kristin said...

1) I don't know if you've already used them but I used to use teething tablets for Hayley. I called them the magic pills :)
2) Call the doctor
3) My advice may not be the best on this because I straight nursed Hayley for 16 months. The only time she got baby food was when my mom watched her for a few hours while I was at school because she absolutely REFUSED to take a bottle. She was a fat, I mean healthy, baby. My doctor said there was nothing to worry about. So what I'm trying to get at is your little (big) guy looks pretty darn healthy to me. At least he's eating fruit :)
4) Hayley wasn't a napper at all. I was always so jealous of my friends whose babies whould take two naps! Although I wouldn't recommend you do this, this one time I just needed a nap so badly and fell asleep on the floor while Hayley was playing and woke up to lip stick on my face and dark blue nail polish dumped on the carpet. But the nap was SOOO worth it! Haha!

Good luck!

Tristen said...

Rach: I'm so sorry!!! Kids do have their own minds, don't they??!! They can bring you to your knees!! Do you have a humidifier? This works like a charm when my kids are sick. I always wonder why I didn't pull it out on the first day that they were sick.

Also, he won't starve if he skips a few meals... eventually the veggies will taste very delicious to him!!

Or you can give in because you are tired, and all fruit won't kill him either. :) Just get him a multi-vitamin and go on with your day. You can't go wrong!

I wish you could drop him by my house and then go home for a long nap!! You are doing great!! Try tylenol and ambesol for his teething, might help him sleep better also!

Tristen said...

Oh yeah, also you could put him in a safe place when he is full, happy and otherwise not in need (pack-n-play, crib, etc...), put in some earplugs and fall asleep. Any non-parents out there might think that is irresponsible but it sounds like you have a bit of an extreme situation. It is a good idea to start a nap routine and let him choose if he wants to sleep or not. It's either play and/or cry, or nap. Meanwhile, you have an hour off. Every mom needs at least one hour off. I'm so glad I haven't had to do this yet, but I know it's coming!

Stacy Lawrence said...

i second tris' idea... if charlie decides to cry, won't he just wear himself out and eventually fall asleep? or if not, atleast it will only be an hour out of his very lengthy day (lengthy due to the fact that he sees no limits as to where it should start/end...)