Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 New Tricks

No, my laptop is not yet fixed. The guy I called for the phone consultation offered that I needed to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. I pointed out that it was a laptop and the keyboard was built in. He said "there IS a way; I will walk you through it." However, he said that they will not be libel if I made the whole thing blow up, so I opted for the free service that my dad's company offers (since I bought it from him and it is still under warranty) but now I just have to wait.... in the meantime I can use the family computer, but it doesn't have my blog reader on it, so I will be behind in reading everyone's blogs. But then it will be a great day when I get it back and will have lots of reading material!
Anyway, since I have been without laptop, Charlie has 2 new tricks that I am sure everyone is breathless with wonder about.

Trick one: discovered about this time last week. He has discovered that the MOST FUN place in the house to pull himself up is the bathtub. I am not sure if he is trying to escape or what, but it terrifies me since it is so slippery. The rest of the house isn't as slippery, not being under water, but he only occasionally deigns to pull himself up on one of those surfaces. Not enough challenge I guess. This trick was extremely handy today, as he had to have THREE baths (and it would have been four, but I didn't have the energy for the regular pre-bedtime bath) due to various blowouts. On one of them, he managed to get the business on his FACE which caused Spencer to have such a heart attack, I started convulsing with laughter and couldn't calm down to clean the mess, which just exacerbated it. Parenthood can be fairly ridiculous, but it is worth it. Just look at that little guy's face!
Trick two: discovered today. He can open cupboards and drawers while mommy is doing dishes/making dinner and she drags him into the kitchen with her. I guess now is technically the time I have to start baby-proofing, but I just don't think I have the energy. There isn't anything that can hurt him, and I don't own anything expensive enough to protect, so I guess it will just be dented pie pans for me.

In other news, I think I have a court appearance on Thursday, which makes me angry. Additionally, I am angry because I have lost the ticket with the information and the summons which they said "may or may not be sent" was NOT sent. Alas, I think with or without the summons, if I don't appear, a warrant will be issued for my arrest. More likely, they will suspend my licence. But I have trolled the internet for what I should do, and there appear to be no answers without my citation number. Which, again, I have lost. I hate how government agencies always act like they have never seen your situation before. Are they trying to tell me that I am the first person in the history of the world who has lost their ticket?! Grrr. And, two more issues plague me, but I suppose a public blog is not the most appropriate area to vent about them. So, now you all have to wonder!!! Which actually improves my mood a little bit....


Anonymous said...

First to comment! I beat everybody, I'm so fast, I'm your greatest (off the record) follower.

Kim W said...

Ok Charlie's tricks were very fun to read about, but you know the rant is what I'm waiting for! Ha!

ferntyler said...

I can't take the suspense - if the ticket is mentionable, what could the other two things be? fyi, I think you can actually show up to the court earlier than your court appearance, just don't go after or you're dead (last time i was there there were like 5 people that were late and it cost each of them like
$200-$300 extra) and it makes the judge mad - good luck! oh, and sorry about the poop and the laptop, but at least Charlie is happy with the tub :)

Stacy Lawrence said...

i love how you used sensorship by stratigically placing a bathtub wall so that he wouldn't be exposed.

additionally, i love the little lovehandles/plummer's bum in the second set o' pictures.