Friday, October 31, 2008


The ferocious dragon peeking out from under his costume.Thanks to the Wetzkers who invited us over for Halloween fun! We ate personal pan pizzas and then everyone went trick or treating while Kim and I handed out candy (my favorite part of Halloween).

Charlie spent the whole time waving at everyone who passed.

The trick or treating really wore him out. We didn't actually get him any candy, but we ran into some other friends from church and they donated a butterfinger to me.

He woke up when we got home, and he had to wear his post-Halloween costume. It says "I love my mummy." Tender. He played with candy wrappers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guess who came into Spencer's Jamba today?

Apparently this guy (Steven Cooper) is a linebacker for the Chargers. Spencer is pretty excited. Not as surprised and happy as he was when Dad came in (plus that was better because Dad bought me a smoothie! MmMmMm.)

In other Jamba news, Spencer is in FIRST PLACE in the Christmas gift cards. If you buy $25, you get a free smoothie! So if you are ever going to spend $25 at Jamba, you might as well get a gift card and a free smoothie. But, Spencer reminds you that you should only buy from him. Otherwise another team will win, and apparently the people who lose have to wear a banana suit and wave to passers by. And, as wonderful as a picture of Spencer doing that would be, I guess we will work on helping him win anyway.

Spencer rocking Stephen Cooper (linebacker pictured above) on Madden 09.

And in other house news, Charlie didn't wake up until three thirty this morning!!! Two nights in a row. Could this be a pattern of deeper sleep?! He is definitely into more mischief. He removed all of the DVDs from our DVD tower (and we have a LOT of DVDs) ONE BY ONE. And then played in them as if he were in the ball pit at McDonalds. The wreckage he has made the house can be seen in the above picture.

But with a face like this.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

The adorable Young Women put on a Halloween party last week for the younger girls. It was great fun.
Charlie missed much of the fun.
Decorating cupcakes.
When he woke up, the fearsome and ferocious dragon found a princess to protect.
Looks more like an aligator, you say? Well, that is because you can't see the wings. But they are there, I promise you.

The Wakeful Flea

Guess who slept from 10:30pm until 3:00am?!? Yep. Our little wakeful flea did not wake us up until three this morning. AND HE IS STILL ASLEEP RIGHT NOW!!!!
And, he took a TWO HOUR nap yesterday afternoon.

Could our sleep problems be over? Okay, I won't get my hopes up. However, I am really very happy for now. This will get me through the next several times of being up until three am (like Saturday night). I will remember that he is in fact capable of sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Any Thoughts?

I need advice on my baby boy.

1) I think he is teething again and won't sleep longer than a couple of hours at night.
2) He is a sick little guy. I guess it is a cold; there is a little tiny bit of coughing and his voice his hoarse. He sounds like a (precious) little mouse. Should I give him something? Poor little boy.
3) He is refusing to eat vegetables. Fruits or nothing, mom.
4) His naps for the last two days have been sixteen and seventeen minutes long, respectively. This combined with the wakeful nights mean that I seriously need a nap. Anyone want to come watch him while I sleep?

Any ideas for this list of problems?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took ourselves over to Bates Nut Farm today. While it was sort of far away (I am pretty sure we passed like three other pumpkin patches on our way there) it was totally worth it because I went there as a kid when my family lived in Escondido, and it was GREAT fun. We took tons of pictures, of course.

On our way there we passed through Escondido (obviously) and we saw a bunch of landmarks from my childhood! Grape Day Park!! Remember the swimming lessons we took there, siblings? Remember when the girl got hit by a car right there and we watched the helicopter come? Anyway.

Daddy's Little Monster.
Decisions, decisions...

Sisters! We got those hair crown thingies. Necessary for a fair-type atmosphere.

MmMmMm. Fair food: barbecued corn.

Charlie vs. our pumpkin. Any guesses on the weight?

Greg's daddy pumpkin.
Charlie and his baby pumpkin.It's love.
Yeah, I got put in the backseat so Greg could properly secure the pumpkin.
A fun day ends in a nap for baby.

Misc. Pictures

Cleaning out the camera. Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple weeks. I think I am a crazy camera mom. Oh well.

Uncle Spencer's Jamba visor.
Eating his favorite puff snacks. (I do not condone childhood smoking, but doesn't it look like he is holding a cigarette here? Haha.)
On his toybox throne.

Friday, October 17, 2008

For anyone who is interested...

I have avoided Prop 8 on my blog thus far because I like people to respect my opinions and I want them to know that I respect theirs as well, so I would much rather enter into a discussion of Prop 8 where people would like to know my stance than post it on a blog, but I heard something last night that was just too much for me to pass up.
To clarify my stance, I will be voting yes on Prop 8 in November. My church is actively involved in the Yes on 8 campaign, and my church leaders have called for the church members to vote Yes on 8, which is partially how I made my decision to vote yes. I say this as clarification to my friends who might be surprised that I am choosing to vote yes on 8. I may have voted no on Prop 8 had the church not come out with its decisions, but I choose to go with the church on this one, and that is my decision and it in no way invalidates my vote; I have chosen to vote yes because I think it is the right thing to do.
That being said, in the past I have always shied away from "moral" legislation. I don't like making laws against things that I think are wrong. For example, I think abortion is a terrible thing. I will never do it and I would not want friends to do it (of course I recognize that there are definite circumstances where it is appropriate). However, I don't necessarily want to make it illegal. As I said, while I may believe that homosexuality is something people should not act on, my normal course of action would be to hope that no one would choose it, but that it should not be legislated.
So far, this post will probably only anger both sides. Those who want to vote yes may think that I am not taking a stand against something they may see as wrong (homosexuality). Those who want to vote no may think that I am voting yes because I am just following along with my church without conviction. However, I reiterate that I am voting the way I am because I think it is the right thing to do.
I believe marriage is a divine institution and that it should be protected as such. I want my children to grow up recognizing marriage as different from everything else (for example, I don't think marriage is the same as living together, having children together, etc). I will teach my children these things about marriage whether prop 8 passes or not.
If you do not have this particular belief system, then it is obvious to me that you would not be interested in voting yes on prop 8. Why would you? I think I have an answer to that question. Speaking with a friend who is working with the Prop 8 campaign, she pointed out to me that if Prop 8 does not pass (that is to say, if same-sex marriage continues to be legalized under court law), it effectively makes the judiciary branch of government a legislative branch.

That concerns me.

In 2000, Prop 22 was passed by the majority of the people. However, it was judges who overturned that law. If the gay and lesbian community would like to make same-sex marriage legal, I propose that they go about it by getting the necessary signatures to get it on the vote that way. It should not be done by overturning the will of the people, even if it is believed that the will of the people has now changed. If you are okay with the judges overturning the will of the people this time because they are going "your way" or along with something you agree with, think about the next time they decide to overturn something. Perhaps it will not be along with something you agree with. Voting no on Prop 8 lays all of legislation vulnerable to be overturned by the judicial branch, so the power of the people falls to almost nothing!

I encourage you to take your personal beliefs about same-sex marriage out of it for a brief moment and consider what this proposition may do to the system of government. It is about more than just same-sex marriage.

Again, I want to reiterate that I respect all positions on this and I definitely do not want to belittle any beliefs or way of life; I hope you all will show a similar respect for me, but I would be happy to enter into a discussion with anyone who is interested. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


If anyone is curious, I did NOT have to go to court today. Yesterday I called and they said I just had to send a copy of my registration (the ticket was a "fix it" ticket for expired registration which I had already paid for but they never sent me, so I had expired tags on my car) and ten dollars to the court and it had to be postmarked no later than the 16th. Last night in the middle of the night I woke up terrified that the person was wrong and that I would still have to appear in court, so I called again this morning and heard the same story, so I sent all the info off and didn't have to go anywhere.
My laptop is FIXED!!! Thanks, Dad! I can type all the Ls and Os and Ps that I want. And. I. Can. Punctuate. I had 43 unread blog entries to read, which was great fun. Like six of them were various friends' anniversaries, so happy anniversary everyone.
As far as my other annoyances, I feel slightly better about them. Charlie is still the king of the dirty diaper, but it isn't like you can have a child and then be bothered by dirty diapers, right? So it is just my couple of discouragements that are still bothering some. I wouldn't trade my life for anything else, but sometimes it is hard to be out of college and all of that, because I feel sometimes like my only chums in town are Greg and Charlie. While they are definitely the best friends in the world, I see all these other people who get together once a month with all their girlfriends and I feel jealous. Almost none of my girlfriends are in San Diego. =( However, there are a lot of people I really like and are really nice, so I am lucky to just have that. I shouldn't be negative when I really am (seriously, so) blessed (pun intended).
Last bit of negativity: Dang TCU. We are so gone from the rankings now too, which bugs as we have won/lost the same amount of games as everyone else. Oh well. Next year.
By the way, I am glad to have a lot of response to my love of the Duggar family. Have you all seen the last couple episodes where their friends with 16 kids are there staying with them? The friends are W-A-Y worse as far as creepy goes. Among other things, they have their girls wear real pioneer outfits. The Duggars do put their daughters in long skirts, but at least they are jean and from 1990 instead of from 1890. This other family home-makes their own dresses in EXTREMELY bright watermelon and lime colors and the girls literally wear aprons over their dresses. All the boys wear khakis and a polo shirt - all the same color. Including the father. While I have always wanted a large family, I think a whole litter like that would simply be too much. Clearly that much labor has clouded their fashion sense.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

By the way....

Did you guys know that these people have their own show on TLC?! I love them with a stalker-like adoration because I think they are completely and totally nuts. But I didn't know until yesterday that they have their own show every Monday night. I am so watching it every week now (it is already programed on the DVR).
It reminds me that no matter how crazy my life gets, I will never be pregnant for as many years as this crazy mother (she is pregnant with number 18). And that my children will dress better. (By the way, calling them nuts and crazy in no way diminishes the respect I have for them as they have their beliefs and stick by them, but I am still glad that eschewing birth control is not one of my particularities. And if it is one of yours, I say more power to you!)

2 New Tricks

No, my laptop is not yet fixed. The guy I called for the phone consultation offered that I needed to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. I pointed out that it was a laptop and the keyboard was built in. He said "there IS a way; I will walk you through it." However, he said that they will not be libel if I made the whole thing blow up, so I opted for the free service that my dad's company offers (since I bought it from him and it is still under warranty) but now I just have to wait.... in the meantime I can use the family computer, but it doesn't have my blog reader on it, so I will be behind in reading everyone's blogs. But then it will be a great day when I get it back and will have lots of reading material!
Anyway, since I have been without laptop, Charlie has 2 new tricks that I am sure everyone is breathless with wonder about.

Trick one: discovered about this time last week. He has discovered that the MOST FUN place in the house to pull himself up is the bathtub. I am not sure if he is trying to escape or what, but it terrifies me since it is so slippery. The rest of the house isn't as slippery, not being under water, but he only occasionally deigns to pull himself up on one of those surfaces. Not enough challenge I guess. This trick was extremely handy today, as he had to have THREE baths (and it would have been four, but I didn't have the energy for the regular pre-bedtime bath) due to various blowouts. On one of them, he managed to get the business on his FACE which caused Spencer to have such a heart attack, I started convulsing with laughter and couldn't calm down to clean the mess, which just exacerbated it. Parenthood can be fairly ridiculous, but it is worth it. Just look at that little guy's face!
Trick two: discovered today. He can open cupboards and drawers while mommy is doing dishes/making dinner and she drags him into the kitchen with her. I guess now is technically the time I have to start baby-proofing, but I just don't think I have the energy. There isn't anything that can hurt him, and I don't own anything expensive enough to protect, so I guess it will just be dented pie pans for me.

In other news, I think I have a court appearance on Thursday, which makes me angry. Additionally, I am angry because I have lost the ticket with the information and the summons which they said "may or may not be sent" was NOT sent. Alas, I think with or without the summons, if I don't appear, a warrant will be issued for my arrest. More likely, they will suspend my licence. But I have trolled the internet for what I should do, and there appear to be no answers without my citation number. Which, again, I have lost. I hate how government agencies always act like they have never seen your situation before. Are they trying to tell me that I am the first person in the history of the world who has lost their ticket?! Grrr. And, two more issues plague me, but I suppose a public blog is not the most appropriate area to vent about them. So, now you all have to wonder!!! Which actually improves my mood a little bit....

Friday, October 10, 2008

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Sunday, October 5, 2008


Why I love fall:
1) Cooler weather. Turning the AC off and opening the windows!!!
2) The concept of leaves falling, although it doesn't happen too much here in California and when we were in Utah with six enormous trees in our yard, the raking is not as romantic as the concept of leaves falling.
3) Pumpkins/pumpkin pie.
4) Sweaters!
5) Football (although BYU falling to number nine while still undefeated is particularly annoying. Stupid BCS.)
6) Candy corn/those pumpkins that taste like candy corn but are somehow better.
7) Thanksgiving!!! YUM. Pregnancy-related nausea prevented any enjoyment of turkey last year, so this year, I will need to make up for that.
8) Ginger snaps, my favorite cookie, and pumpkin spice cookies, Greg's fav.
9) School supplies being on sale. I love school supplies.
10) October session of General Conference. Hasn't it been great?!

Tooth Revisted

Okay, I realize I have talked about little else lately, but the tooth thing (there are now two) is very important to me because I need to know WHY life has been less than pleasant lately. Perhaps a click on the picture for a closeup can show you Charlie's new accomplishments. When you are so young, you have to take the accomplishments you can get, I guess....

Thank goodness for baby Tylenol. And the smiles in between that very nearly take me through the next screaming fit and refusal to sleep. On that note, Charlie slept from TEN TIL FOUR last night. Ahhhh, sleep. Although we were up until around one watching movies, playing playstation (Greg and Spencer) and reading (me) so the uninterrupted sleep wasn't what it might have been.....

By the way....

Spencer and Greg have made Greg famous. Check him out under "Famous Alumni" on wikipedia:

Silly boys.

P.S. A luchador is a Mexican wrestler, like on that movie "Nacho Libre" or something. I had nothing to do with any of it.