Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I love about My Dad

In honor of his birthday, here are things I love about my dad:

1) The No-Nonsense Speech he used to give my sister and I when we would talk instead of going to sleep.
2) His plaid pajamas.
3) How he always comes out of his office to say hello/goodbye when I am coming/going.
4) How he is righteous and in the bishopric.
5) How Charlie loves him.
6) How he hates cats but lets his wife keep two. Also has kept hundreds of other animals he has hated throughout his marriage/child rearing.
7) Attitude Adjustments.
8) He always gets the popcorn when it is done when we are all watching a movie and no one wants to get it. Also, always shares the popcorn he popped, put in a bowl, and brought into the room all by himself.
9) How he loves new cars.
10) Reading to me every night as a kid. And all five of his kids.
Bonus: 11) How I was his birthday present on his 27th birthday.


Tristen said...

I love these things about your dad too!! I love it when he comes to visit us and is nothing but compliments for us the whole time. Not that we deserve compliments, but it just feels good to have unconditional love occasionally. Makes me/us want to actually deserve these things. I love so many things about your dad too, thanks for posting!

Stacy Lawrence said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THE JAMMIES!!! i forget about those sometimes. what a great dad.

Phil Lawrence said...

Very nice...