Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seven Months

Charlie has reached the ripe old age of seven months today. With our unscientific method of weighing him (getting on the scale with him and then getting on alone and then doing a little math) he weighs approximately 23 and a half pounds.

Some of the skills and hobbies he has as a seven month old.
1) Army crawling all over the house. Occasionally getting up on his knees to crawl. Even more occasionally getting on his hands and tippy toes, but he can't crawl from that position and doesn't know how to go back to his knees, so he wails until someone rescues him. (It is really comical.)
2) Waving bye-bye when anyone waves at him.
3) Pulling himself up on couches (only an occasional trick, but it usually ends in bruises, so we don't like it).
4) Sleeping less than any baby has ever slept (yesterday he napped at around three for an hour and then didn't go back to sleep until TEN PM and then woke up this morning at FIVE AM! And that is with waking up twice in between!).
5) Playing piano on his walker from Grandma Pat.
6) Playing drums on any flat surface he can find.
7) Splashing in the bath.
8) Pulling things off the shelves when I get the cart too close in the store.
9) Reaching up when he wants to be picked up.
10) Splashing in the bathtub.
11) Knowing which out of the pile of toys he wants most (usually a non-toy item such as a cell phone).
12) Going after the cat when he sees her.
13) Squealing louder than anyone else in the world. Also, having a special gift for knowing at just what point in church he should be quiet, and giving it his loudest go.
14) Having a cute little tooth. Biting everything that comes close to it, to test it out.
15) Smiling, laughing, generally being totally precious.


Majestic Madness said...

Go Charlie!!!

I tagged Greg and charlie, (I only Know six people!)

Bryn said...

7 months? really, that much time has gone by? He is so cute! I can't believe how photogenic you all are!