Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greg's Birthday!

Happy birthday, sweetheart!!
24 things I love about Greg:

24) How he drives everywhere and never makes me drive.
23) His smile/dimples.
22) How he goes grocery shopping with me.
21) Plays guitar!
20) He loves being Scoutmaster, weekend camp outs included!
19) Writes songs, some about me.
18) His voice.
17) How he reads to Charlie.
16) He always lets me take a bath after hard days.
15) Hard worker.
14) How he dances.
13) He takes care of Charlie and makes breakfast on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in.
12) We like the same music.
11) So handsome.
10) He watches the shows I like on TV.
9) He goes shopping with me and helps me buy things I need when I feel guilty about it.
8) His testimony of the church.
7) How Charlie looks just like him.
6) He does what he thinks is right not caring what it makes him look like or what others think.
5) He cooks! Pasta and BBQ being his specialties.
4) Takes walks with me.
3) His sense of humor!
2) He is a wonderful Daddy.
1) He is the best husband and eternal companion there is.

1 comment:

Stacy Lawrence said...

.... the dancing one is not one of my favorites...

hahahaha, happy birfday gurg!