Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ah, sweet mysteries of life

Or at least the sweet mystery of the place where the water comes out. And trying to figure out how to catch the water when it comes out.

Everything is fun when you are little.


I may be the only one who can see the tooth in this picture since I already know it is there, but the rest of you can believe me. And laugh at what a funny picture this is, with or without teeth.

Greg's Birthday

We had a little party for Greg's birthday including:
His favorite "Rainbow Chip" cake. And his new toy, ROCKBAND.
It was so fun.
I tried out all three instruments and it was great.
Even Charlie tried it out.

Yay!!! AND BYU is 8th in the AP College Rankings (YEAH!) and the Chargers FINALLY won. LT is rapidly losing status on my list though. Sproles is the new LT!

Greg's Birthday!

Happy birthday, sweetheart!!
24 things I love about Greg:

24) How he drives everywhere and never makes me drive.
23) His smile/dimples.
22) How he goes grocery shopping with me.
21) Plays guitar!
20) He loves being Scoutmaster, weekend camp outs included!
19) Writes songs, some about me.
18) His voice.
17) How he reads to Charlie.
16) He always lets me take a bath after hard days.
15) Hard worker.
14) How he dances.
13) He takes care of Charlie and makes breakfast on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in.
12) We like the same music.
11) So handsome.
10) He watches the shows I like on TV.
9) He goes shopping with me and helps me buy things I need when I feel guilty about it.
8) His testimony of the church.
7) How Charlie looks just like him.
6) He does what he thinks is right not caring what it makes him look like or what others think.
5) He cooks! Pasta and BBQ being his specialties.
4) Takes walks with me.
3) His sense of humor!
2) He is a wonderful Daddy.
1) He is the best husband and eternal companion there is.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seven Months

Charlie has reached the ripe old age of seven months today. With our unscientific method of weighing him (getting on the scale with him and then getting on alone and then doing a little math) he weighs approximately 23 and a half pounds.

Some of the skills and hobbies he has as a seven month old.
1) Army crawling all over the house. Occasionally getting up on his knees to crawl. Even more occasionally getting on his hands and tippy toes, but he can't crawl from that position and doesn't know how to go back to his knees, so he wails until someone rescues him. (It is really comical.)
2) Waving bye-bye when anyone waves at him.
3) Pulling himself up on couches (only an occasional trick, but it usually ends in bruises, so we don't like it).
4) Sleeping less than any baby has ever slept (yesterday he napped at around three for an hour and then didn't go back to sleep until TEN PM and then woke up this morning at FIVE AM! And that is with waking up twice in between!).
5) Playing piano on his walker from Grandma Pat.
6) Playing drums on any flat surface he can find.
7) Splashing in the bath.
8) Pulling things off the shelves when I get the cart too close in the store.
9) Reaching up when he wants to be picked up.
10) Splashing in the bathtub.
11) Knowing which out of the pile of toys he wants most (usually a non-toy item such as a cell phone).
12) Going after the cat when he sees her.
13) Squealing louder than anyone else in the world. Also, having a special gift for knowing at just what point in church he should be quiet, and giving it his loudest go.
14) Having a cute little tooth. Biting everything that comes close to it, to test it out.
15) Smiling, laughing, generally being totally precious.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I love about My Dad

In honor of his birthday, here are things I love about my dad:

1) The No-Nonsense Speech he used to give my sister and I when we would talk instead of going to sleep.
2) His plaid pajamas.
3) How he always comes out of his office to say hello/goodbye when I am coming/going.
4) How he is righteous and in the bishopric.
5) How Charlie loves him.
6) How he hates cats but lets his wife keep two. Also has kept hundreds of other animals he has hated throughout his marriage/child rearing.
7) Attitude Adjustments.
8) He always gets the popcorn when it is done when we are all watching a movie and no one wants to get it. Also, always shares the popcorn he popped, put in a bowl, and brought into the room all by himself.
9) How he loves new cars.
10) Reading to me every night as a kid. And all five of his kids.
Bonus: 11) How I was his birthday present on his 27th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday, daddy-o/gramps. We love you!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I turned 23! =) I feel sort of old, but I guess it is a good age. Someone at work asked me how old I was and I said 23 and they said "Oh, yeah, that is what I say on my birthday too." So, I guess it can't be that bad..... Haha, just kidding.

My birthday started on Friday at work, where the girls threw me a little surprise party. We had my favorite beans and torta, as well as a yummy pink cake. Pictures to follow when I get them from Gilbert.

On Saturday morning, I woke up after an extremely relaxing night's sleep, to realize that I hadn't woken up in the middle of the night. No, Charlie didn't give me a full night's sleep. Greg did! He woke up with Charlie so I got to sleep in and felt very rested. Then he brought me my presents. He couldn't think of one "big" present for me, so he got me a bunch of smaller things - books, movies, and CDs!! I am totally set for all my media for the next year! =)

Then we went to Grandma H's for the BYU game. They gave me another shutout - 44-0 against Wyoming! And Grandma made me the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich ever.

Then, we went to the mall to spend some of my gift card to Express from Pat. I LOVE Express. She is a champion gift giver. =)

Then, to the Corvette Diner, where they didn't decorate my hair, but we still had lots of fun.

Charlie is also getting a tooth for my birthday. It is finally at the stage that I can actually see and feel it (not yet at the photograph-able point though) so I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It was a great birthday. And more to come, because there is a family dinner/chocolate cheesecake coordinated by Stacy and Grandma after church today. Hooray for birthdays!!


First, Grandma Henry gave him a yummy apple. MmMmMmM.
Then, the waitress at the Corvette Diner brought him a banana.

THEN, he spotted the really good stuff on Daddy's plate.

In an effort to recreate the face he kept making when he saw the french fries, we kept dangling it in front of his face. He did get one taste though. He didn't like it (thank goodness).

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

Okay, I know that 6 is too many pictures of one event, but with a face like that, who can pick?!

I think he is pretty much avoiding any exposure in these pictures, but don't look too closely.

Charlie adores his duck family who take baths with him.

And you think I am going to bed after this. Oh, mommy. You are so unaware.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This boy spends 95% of his time grabbing onto everything that passes within his reach. Even in his sleep. And he really did grab this in his sleep, he didn't fall asleep holding it. I was holding him when he fell asleep and I stuck him in the swing. On the way in, he caught a hold of the bar and didn't let go.


Baby biscuits are a double score - super delicious AND a chance to get hugely messy. Note the line of drool going down the stomach.
These biscuits are always followed by a bath. And I only had to perform the Heimlich maneuver once!! Haha. Sometimes he pushes it all the way down his throat and coughs, but don't worry, I don't really have to perform the Heimlich. He pulls it out himself. He isn't ready to eat them without supervision yet though. He just gets too hungry and (literally) bites off more than he can chew.

When Daddy gets Charlie dressed.....

We know what happens. Charlie would wear his LT jersey every single day if Greg had his way. Yesterday I confiscated it to put it in the washing machine, and it hasn't yet made it back into the closet. So, improvisation commences. A pair of fans.

Admittedly, the sweatshirt is pretty darn cute.

Side note: I am so happy that fall is coming. It has been nice and cool the last two days, and I have loved it! Sweater weather!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Roald Dahl Day!!

Hooray! It is Roald Dahl Day!!! (Said sing-songy, to get the rhyme in there).Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors ever, was born on September 13, 1916. That makes today ROALD DAHL DAY!!! If we lived in England, there would be activities and such. Alas, there are not so many here. All we have is blogs in honor of Roald. If Stacy had a blog, she would do a simliar post, since she also has a love affair with Roald as well. Ditto Brittini.
Roald wrote many books, including Danny the Champion of the World, Charlie and the Choclate Factory/Great Glass Elevator, Matilda, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many others.
He also wrote adult short stories, which are just so fantastic.
If you haven't read enough Roald in your time (and let's face it, you haven't) I have basically every word he ever wrote in my bookshelves. Time to borrow one of his books!
To learn more about him (and I think you should), click HERE.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Charlie lights up when Tobi walks in the room. Tobi is remarkably patient. He just loves her. He is practicing for when he will pick on his little siblings someday!

I've Been Tagged

Okay, Lacey, I will play....

The Rules: Link the person(s) who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 quirks of yours.Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

I have billions of quirks, but I hope I can think of interesting ones...

Quirk #1
I am completely addicted to wikipedia and imdb. The imdb thing is actually a problem, because Greg and I will rent a movie and start to watch, but then I will want to read the trivia, so I spend the first 20 minutes reading all the trivia (and piping up with the interesting trivia at the right time in the movie) and then the next 40 minutes cross referencing the actors, and the last 30-60 minutes trying to catch up on what happened in the first hour.

Quirk #2
I like to taste Chrlie's baby food. With the exception of bananas, it is all fairly gross. But I still try it, in case I change my mind.

Quirk #3
I like to hold conversations with my husband in the middle of the night. He does NOT like to hold converstations in the middle of the night.

Quirk #4
I might have studied literature in college, but I looooove the "trashy brittish girl novel" genre.

Quirk #5
I laugh at almost every single joke I ever hear. It is sort of a problem. Before I got married (and probably a little bit since) boys think I am flirting with them because I always laugh at their jokes (who knew men liked that so much?). But I actually am genuinely amused by people's jokes. Particularly Greg's, of course.

Quirk # 6
I like to read in the bathtub. Admittedly not quirky, but my quirk is that I like to bring a small bowl of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a medium sized bowl of cheese its in the bath as well. I take super hot baths, so if I ever drop a chocolate chip in the tub, it is almost immediately melted, turning my water chocolatey. Which is sort of gross.

I tag: Kiersten, Kirsten, Kaylin, Kayla, Kasey and Ken (Tristen, but I was going with the Ks).

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got my hair cut last Monday. This picture makes it look ridiculously fluffy, but it is the only picture I have of it so far.
More pictures to follow. I find that the 4 or so inches that got cut off make no difference in Charlie's ability to pull it as hard as he can. It does make a difference in my ability to throw it in a bun and forget about it. I forget why I cut it!


Charlie likes us to read to him. Usually Daddy reads, because he is basically the best reader in the whole world, with all his different voices and such, but tonight it was Mommy.

Enjoying Make Way for Ducklings. Greg has been to the park in Boston where the book takes place. Jealous.
Think he is having any brilliant insights?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Grandma! We love you!

Friday, September 5, 2008


A new cool thing with blogger is this "followers" gadget. So, become a follower!!!! You don't have to have a blog to do it, but I think you have to have a google account (a gmail account counts).

Add me, and I will add all of you. Then, we can all stop being insecure about the possibility that NO ONE reads our blogs. Haha. =)

<---------Click Here! (Where it says "Our Readers")

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laughing with Daddy

A while ago I posted this video, from my cell phone, of Charlie and Greg playing peek a boo. The sound didn't work, so here it is in full working glory. Totally precious.


Stacy caught these little numbers while at work today...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008