Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Truth about Cats and Blogs

Okay, admission. This blog contains no truth about cats. Rather, the title is an example of that which this blog is about, which is the entertainment value of blogs.

Bill Cosby said something like "My wife and I were very bright people. We were intellectuals. And then we had children." (He also talks about how his wife used to be beautiful before she had five children, but that is a whole other subject.) Anyway, I have totally fallen victim to this concept. Recognizing that most of my blog audience is far away from my darling little son and wants to see the (extremely cute) pictures I take, 99% of my blogging life is dedicated to his precious little face along with blerbs about his development. However, I am suffering from severe blog envy.

I read lots of blogs, (anyone who reads lots of blogs should have a blog reader that updates so you don't have to click links; if you don't have one, download one!) and they are all extremely entertaining. Some are also focused on children, and some on other things, like graduate school, travel, or random musings.

How are all of these blogs so much more funny and interesting than mine?! I am really jealous. Here, a friend from Utah totally slays me with her wit. Here, a blog written by a family friend my mom always says "could be Tina Fey." Here, daily life is pondered with humor. Or here, my friend takes the most gorgeous pictures with fun comments about what is going on. And, for more, just click ANY of the links I keep there on the left side of my blog! (I need to organize those since the list is getting pretty darn comprehensive!)

Everyone else in the blogging world: Well done. You are all so entertaining and make my day.
Me: Work on that.


Tris & Ken said...

Yeah right, your blog is TOO entertaining! I love the reader! Keeps me updated without getting me blog surfing for hours on end. Although your post did start my blog surfing!! Avery is now at my feet begging "mommy" "mommy" "mommy"!! Ugh. I never thought I would cringe if I heard my name one more time. Thanks for the fun post!

Kiersten said...

This post totally made my day! I feel like a celebrity. Sigh. I'm not really funny, I just get mad about a lot of things. Sometimes it works out, like when Jared comes home with milkshakes because he reads that I'm mad at the frozen yogurt places, or when friends write nice blogs! But honestly, I love your blog. It's on my Google Reader feed and I read it everyday. Promise. In fact, just the other day, I was telling Jared about your blog post about the baseball game, and how when Greg was complaining about not having been to a winning game, you wittily replied that, in fact, no one had. We laughed. I hope you don't think it's too creepy that we were talking about you and your blog post. We just thought it was funny. And entertaining. See?

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the shout out! I do aim to incorporate humor so I'm glad that someone appreciates it :)
By the way, I do love your blog as well, mostly because you have the cutest little family ever and all your pics are so fun!

Stacy said...

hahahahaha. i lurve the bloggie.