Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was not a great day.

Charlie has been running a fever for the last two days. He runs low fevers at night lately, but they haven't been too bad, so I have chalked them up to teething. However, Tuesday night, the fever was up above 100 degrees, so I called the advice nurse to get an idea of what she thought. After being assured repeatedly that they would call me back the same night (I didn't even ask, they just offered up that information) they never called. Charlie cried the entire night. He woke up every hour on the hour, and sometimes more. So, needless to say, we weren't at 100% on Wednesday. In any case, Wednesday night, the fever was 101 degrees. I called Kaiser again, and they gave me a second spiel about how they would certainly call me back. This time they actually did, and they went through all the checking. They said it didn't sound like teething, and that if it was over 100.5, they wanted to see him. So, they scheduled him in San Marcos for ten this morning.

More crying last night, but we just thought it was almost over. So, I left this morning at nine thirty. There was a police officer sitting just inside our apartment complex, presumably to catch people running the four way stop sign there (people run that all the time, I hope they get caught). Anyway, he immediately pulled me over for my registration. Charlie was feverish in the back seat, and now I am late for the doctor's office. It took him like 35 minutes to write me up the stinking ticket, even though I explained that I had been to the DMV like three times to try and fix the registration and that I had already paid for it. Anyway, he said "I am being very understanding here, any other officer would tow you." Also "Next time you will definitely get towed." I need to get the thing fixed and then just "find an officer somewhere" and get him to sign off on it and send it in before October 16th, or I have to go to court. Great.

So, I got to the doctors, late, of course. They took his temperature and checked everything. His throat was red, but it was just viral, so they couldn't do anything for me.

The officer scared me sufficiently, so I went to the DMV and sat for an hour and a half until they finally just handed over the stickers with no problem. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT THE FIRST THREE TIMES?!?! Charlie was mainly good, but the poor thing just whimpered a lot. By the end, he had had enough of it and was crying a sad little cry. A couple of people looked at me and I said "he doesn't like the DMV either" and they all laughed, so at least I didn't have people with no children thinking I am a crazy person for letting him cry a little bit.

In other news, Charlie is 21 and a half pounds. Mommy can't carry him around much longer.

He is napping, making up for all his lost sleep. I think I will join him.


Shauna said...

Ohh, poor Charlie. It is not fun when they are sick. Don't you just love Kaiser. Sometimes they are great, but other times...well lets just say I have had a few bad experiences with them. Good luck with the fever, and that is just so sad you had to get a ticket on top of it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Stacy said...

poor, poor petri. last time he got sick i got him nelly the naked mole rat... perhaps that will comfort him now, too. hope everyone feels better and gets some sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to say that Spencer got cut an hour and half off his shift early.