Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The No Sleep Cry Solution

Charlie is rewriting the book The No Cry Sleep Solution (a book I haven't read and can't vouch for its value. I did love Happiest Baby on the Block, but that is more a soothing book than a sleeping through the night; it did have good tips. I didn't like Babywise, but lots of people do, so if you are looking for a book, you might try it out.). He cries and doesn't sleep. Here are the things I have tried.

1) Ignoring. The child just keeps crying. It doesn't help.
2) Nursing. Last night, he just kept crying. He wouldn't latch on.
3) Marching about. We walked for miles last night.
4) Putting him on a schedule. I read one book that insisted that setting a schedule for the baby in the daytime will lead to his sleeping through the nighttime. Schedules I have done. Failed.
5) Swaddling. While this was useful in the first couple of months of his life, he now busts out of the blanket like the incredible hulk. Child straight jackets, anyone?

We have settled on
6) Charlie cries all night and mommy starts crying at about 3:00am until she has to wake up at 6:30am three mornings a week to go to work. Daddy is very helpful, but even when he is holding him, no one is sleeping.

Discouragement is setting in.

Charlie is still the cutest baby ever, and very happy during the day, so hopefully everyone still loves him. Mommy and Daddy definitely do, proving again that there are things you do happily in parenthood that you wouldn't dream of before. Like cutting sleeping down to 3 or 4 hours at a time.


Tris & Ken said...

Ugh... Rachel. I'm so sorry! Someone once told me that anything your kid is doing bad consistently is probably a phase... I hope that this phase passes quickly for your sake! He is the cutest guy ever. Pics are on Ken's computer which is on campus now and almost always so I'll have him send them over. Then I have more on my camera that I need to unpack and connect and send as well. Keep up the good night work!

Amanda said...

:( It sounds like super trying times. I wish you all luck in the sleep department. I'm sending good vibes your way from Denver.

Megan & Jonny said...

Oh! This post just makes me want to cry with you! Seth's nowhere near that demanding, but I still cry about our lack of sleep. If you find the magical solution, PLEASE tell me!

Kristin said...

I think those parenting books are a load of poop. Each child is different. My doctor told me that baby's are continually growing and changing and when they do, their little bodies have such a hrad time coping with it and often times the reason their sleeping patterns change and they cry for unknown reasons are simply because they're changing (growing, teething, sickness, etc). Some babies handle it differently than others. I think you're doing a great job with Charlie and I say just follow your motherly instincts. You know him better than any author of a book does. I know this doesn't solve your problem but know that you have friends who are there for you to just vent and cry to. Wish we weren't so far away so I could watch Charlie for you so you could just get some sleep :) Love you and if you need anything, let me know!

Stacy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... the incredible hulk!!!! i laughed (very characteristically) loudly in front of clients and read that bit aloud. i'm sorry charlie won't sleep through the night. he is probably A) a night owl or B) his aunt's nephew... meaning an insomniac.
one time my history teacher told me that a very good way to cure insomnia is read "Mein Kampf" by hitler... the unabridged version... no that i want you to read nazi literature to my nephew but maybe the books you read him are too interesting and you must find more boring ones to put him to bed... like on little women.