Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps

Since I love him and have been confused about all the stuff the commentators have been saying about how many medals he needs to be a medal record holder, here is the scoop:
Michael Phelps is the proud owner of eleven Olympic medals.
Nine of those medals are gold, making him one of five athletes to get nine gold medals in his lifetime. If he gets one more medal, he will break the record for lifetime gold medals.
Three gold medals have been won so far at the Beijing Olympics. He has five more races at the Beijing Olympics. If he wins the gold on those five, he will break the record on gold medals won at one Olympics.

I have faith in him. He is so cool to watch. I know, my interest is bordering on obsession, but hey, it is only once every four years.


Kiersten said...

ME TOO (about the obsession part). Don't tell anyone, but I was super late to work this morning because I was up until midnight watching the men's gymnastics and just could not drag myself out of bed at 7:00. I expect this will be a regular occurrence over the next two weeks.

Stacy said...

i don't understand all the rage about michael phelps... i mean, i can lick my elbow... is that cool?