Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feed me, Seymour

We got Charlie a high chair that has a little jungle toy that snaps into the tray.We really like it because it distracts him while we prepare his food.Okay, mom, it is about time to get started on those solids. YUM.
By way of note, I am not usually in support of shirts like the one Charlie is wearing (I'm the Boss around here") but I liked how it was a little sheriff's star so I tell him that he is the sheriff. Once he can read, however, I promise not to put him in anything that says "Spoiled" or anything like that.

The Chick Magnet shirt with little baby chicks however, may make its way into my cart at some point.


Stacy said...

i love the picture that looks like he's pointing at his shirt as if to reaffirm (not to be confused with a reaffirmation agreement...)

hahahaha, what a gem.

Stacy said...

now that i look at it, he is pointing at his watch.

Seth and Lacey said...

I can't say enough about how ADORABLE Charlie is!