Friday, August 15, 2008

All I want for my birthday is...

Growing up, my mother was the queen of the "all I want for my birthday/Christmas/mother's day/insert holiday here is for everyone to be friends."

Yeah, right Mom. We would rather buy you a car.

In any case, we are all older now, and I think we can safely say that we are all friends. Most of the time. Which begs the question, what now should we get for mom for her birthday?

What I am getting for her is this post - Mom, I am not going to put up a picture of you on your birthday. Because I know that is what you would want most of all.

Happy birthday to the best mom ever!!!


Tris & Ken said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to Brenda/Mom/Grandma!!! We love her guts and were even thinking about posting some pictures when we realized it would ruin her day. But we do have some good ones... :) Happy B-Day Brenda!

Stacy said...

hahahahahaa... "IN HEAVEN YOU GUYS WERE BEST FRIENDS!!!". yeah right mom... how would you know.

happy birthday ma!

Stacy said...

p.s. remember when i got her that pumba statue with all of the bugs hanging out of his mouth and she keeps it in the kitchen... hahahahaha.