Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Starting....

Ra, ra, ra-ra-ra!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good News

1) Spencer went to the greatest concert ever (in his mind) last night - his favorite band Radiohead, and someone offered my mom (she was with him) a bong, making for much mirthful laughter.
2) Greg is off of work until Tuesday.
3) Bones is coming back on next Wednesday - TWO HOUR PREMIERE. (As Stacy and I like to say "BHILLY BOOOONES".)
4) Bagels with whipped cream cheese for breakfast.
5) We have wonderful friends and family who still love us even when we are tired of being up all night.

Someday he will sleep through the night. In the meantime, thanks for being supportive. =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The No Sleep Cry Solution

Charlie is rewriting the book The No Cry Sleep Solution (a book I haven't read and can't vouch for its value. I did love Happiest Baby on the Block, but that is more a soothing book than a sleeping through the night; it did have good tips. I didn't like Babywise, but lots of people do, so if you are looking for a book, you might try it out.). He cries and doesn't sleep. Here are the things I have tried.

1) Ignoring. The child just keeps crying. It doesn't help.
2) Nursing. Last night, he just kept crying. He wouldn't latch on.
3) Marching about. We walked for miles last night.
4) Putting him on a schedule. I read one book that insisted that setting a schedule for the baby in the daytime will lead to his sleeping through the nighttime. Schedules I have done. Failed.
5) Swaddling. While this was useful in the first couple of months of his life, he now busts out of the blanket like the incredible hulk. Child straight jackets, anyone?

We have settled on
6) Charlie cries all night and mommy starts crying at about 3:00am until she has to wake up at 6:30am three mornings a week to go to work. Daddy is very helpful, but even when he is holding him, no one is sleeping.

Discouragement is setting in.

Charlie is still the cutest baby ever, and very happy during the day, so hopefully everyone still loves him. Mommy and Daddy definitely do, proving again that there are things you do happily in parenthood that you wouldn't dream of before. Like cutting sleeping down to 3 or 4 hours at a time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Uncle Spencer was so nice to finally set up Charlie's crib for us! We had it set up at the other place, but we never got around to putting it up at this apartment. Poor Charlie has been sleeping in this bassinet we have, which is way too small for him. He can't stretch completely out (which he likes to do in his sleep) and every time he moves a little, the bassinet creaks like it is about to give out. I am scared to let him cry at all when he is in it, because sometimes he gets worked up and moving around, and I swear it is going to go over.

Anyway, we are glad to have the crib up and running. Plenty of space to spread out. And plenty of wood to chew on.

Baby's First Balloon

We went to TGI Friday's for dinner the other night and the waitress brought Charlie a balloon. It made for some pretty cute pictures.
When the lady first put it on his wrist, he cried, which was pretty funny. But, after we got home and we gave it to him again, he got pretty fond of it.


By the way, have you ever been to TGI Friday's? It is pretty loud in there. Charlie let out a scream that silenced the entire restaurant. I don't know if it has ever been done before. That child definitely has some lungs.

Six Months

Charlie is six months old today.

Here he is, looking darling with his cousin Corban. (My sister in law is a whiz with photo shop, so don't expect any other pictures of Charlie to look so cool...)

He hailed it in by being awake at 4:41 this morning (he was born at 4:41am). He was also awake at one, two, three, six, seven, etc. His being sick really got him off the whole "sleeping through the night" thing, something he wasn't totally enamored with anyway. But, we are working on getting him back on.

Happy half-birthday, monkey boy!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was not a great day.

Charlie has been running a fever for the last two days. He runs low fevers at night lately, but they haven't been too bad, so I have chalked them up to teething. However, Tuesday night, the fever was up above 100 degrees, so I called the advice nurse to get an idea of what she thought. After being assured repeatedly that they would call me back the same night (I didn't even ask, they just offered up that information) they never called. Charlie cried the entire night. He woke up every hour on the hour, and sometimes more. So, needless to say, we weren't at 100% on Wednesday. In any case, Wednesday night, the fever was 101 degrees. I called Kaiser again, and they gave me a second spiel about how they would certainly call me back. This time they actually did, and they went through all the checking. They said it didn't sound like teething, and that if it was over 100.5, they wanted to see him. So, they scheduled him in San Marcos for ten this morning.

More crying last night, but we just thought it was almost over. So, I left this morning at nine thirty. There was a police officer sitting just inside our apartment complex, presumably to catch people running the four way stop sign there (people run that all the time, I hope they get caught). Anyway, he immediately pulled me over for my registration. Charlie was feverish in the back seat, and now I am late for the doctor's office. It took him like 35 minutes to write me up the stinking ticket, even though I explained that I had been to the DMV like three times to try and fix the registration and that I had already paid for it. Anyway, he said "I am being very understanding here, any other officer would tow you." Also "Next time you will definitely get towed." I need to get the thing fixed and then just "find an officer somewhere" and get him to sign off on it and send it in before October 16th, or I have to go to court. Great.

So, I got to the doctors, late, of course. They took his temperature and checked everything. His throat was red, but it was just viral, so they couldn't do anything for me.

The officer scared me sufficiently, so I went to the DMV and sat for an hour and a half until they finally just handed over the stickers with no problem. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT THE FIRST THREE TIMES?!?! Charlie was mainly good, but the poor thing just whimpered a lot. By the end, he had had enough of it and was crying a sad little cry. A couple of people looked at me and I said "he doesn't like the DMV either" and they all laughed, so at least I didn't have people with no children thinking I am a crazy person for letting him cry a little bit.

In other news, Charlie is 21 and a half pounds. Mommy can't carry him around much longer.

He is napping, making up for all his lost sleep. I think I will join him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ode to Greg's hair

Someone requested a blog in honor of Greg's high school hair, so here it is. Beware, blog readers, my dad gave me a CD of all the pictures in our wedding slide show, so childhood and growing up pictures may be making appearances on our blog in the next few weeks...

This is before we started dating, circa August 2001 or so. Grand Canyon in about May 2004.

He isn't ONLY Greg's baby, right?





At least he has my eyes, right?! Other than that...all daddy's boy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

All I want for my birthday is...

Growing up, my mother was the queen of the "all I want for my birthday/Christmas/mother's day/insert holiday here is for everyone to be friends."

Yeah, right Mom. We would rather buy you a car.

In any case, we are all older now, and I think we can safely say that we are all friends. Most of the time. Which begs the question, what now should we get for mom for her birthday?

What I am getting for her is this post - Mom, I am not going to put up a picture of you on your birthday. Because I know that is what you would want most of all.

Happy birthday to the best mom ever!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peek A Boo with Daddy

This was taken on my cell phone, thus the poor quality, but I think it is totally worth it.

UPDATE: the sound isn't working, but I am working on it....will let you know when it is working.

At least there will be lots of pictures to commemorate...

In my last post, I put up a cute picture of Charlie and said that I was sad because the cute ones are always out of focus. Then it occured to me that a great pleasure of motherhood (or at least of digital photography) is that you can take as many darn pictures as you want. Forget the out of focus ones! We can take NEW ones.


The little man is now sitting, as Aunt Stacy says, all by his onesies. A great sadness in motherhood is that the most precious pictures are always the fuzzy ones....
Anyway, he is so cute sitting up. Now and then he takes a tumble one way or the other, but he just gets himself onto his tummy and then he is set to try and grab things he oughtn't, a favorite past time of his.

Charlie's Favorite Toy

He wants to play with cell phones or remotes all day long. Anything with a button. I found an old cell phone and let him play with it, but I guess in the process of eating it, he pushed the "on" button, so I took it away because cell phones with no service are able to call 911, and I was afraid he was going to eat the button for it (you only have to push "send" and you are connected...) I'd rather he accidently call daddy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps

Since I love him and have been confused about all the stuff the commentators have been saying about how many medals he needs to be a medal record holder, here is the scoop:
Michael Phelps is the proud owner of eleven Olympic medals.
Nine of those medals are gold, making him one of five athletes to get nine gold medals in his lifetime. If he gets one more medal, he will break the record for lifetime gold medals.
Three gold medals have been won so far at the Beijing Olympics. He has five more races at the Beijing Olympics. If he wins the gold on those five, he will break the record on gold medals won at one Olympics.

I have faith in him. He is so cool to watch. I know, my interest is bordering on obsession, but hey, it is only once every four years.

Oh, Charlie

Being cute is not an excuse to be awake all night. It does soften the blow though.

Also, next time you are awake all night so mommy brings you to her bed so that at least she can sleep while you party and then you want to have your diaper leak everywhere, do it on daddy's side of the bed.

(Just kidding, Greg. Sort of.)

Party at Work

Saturday was my boss, Alma's, birthday, so we had a little shindig on Monday with beans and torta (my absolute favorite) and chocolate cake. Norma, Rachel S., Alma, Josie, Gene, and Rachel A.
(geeze, I need a tan)
HR Workers Extraordinaire

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Feed me, Seymour

We got Charlie a high chair that has a little jungle toy that snaps into the tray.We really like it because it distracts him while we prepare his food.Okay, mom, it is about time to get started on those solids. YUM.
By way of note, I am not usually in support of shirts like the one Charlie is wearing (I'm the Boss around here") but I liked how it was a little sheriff's star so I tell him that he is the sheriff. Once he can read, however, I promise not to put him in anything that says "Spoiled" or anything like that.

The Chick Magnet shirt with little baby chicks however, may make its way into my cart at some point.


The opening ceremonies last night were AMAZING, weren't they?! Loved them!

Here is Charlie watching volleyball. He is getting pretty good at sitting up.
Can't wait for Misty May volleyball, gymnastics, and MICHAEL PHELPS!!! Also, gotta love the power-walking, and definitely all the track and field running.

I love the Olympics!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Truth about Cats and Blogs

Okay, admission. This blog contains no truth about cats. Rather, the title is an example of that which this blog is about, which is the entertainment value of blogs.

Bill Cosby said something like "My wife and I were very bright people. We were intellectuals. And then we had children." (He also talks about how his wife used to be beautiful before she had five children, but that is a whole other subject.) Anyway, I have totally fallen victim to this concept. Recognizing that most of my blog audience is far away from my darling little son and wants to see the (extremely cute) pictures I take, 99% of my blogging life is dedicated to his precious little face along with blerbs about his development. However, I am suffering from severe blog envy.

I read lots of blogs, (anyone who reads lots of blogs should have a blog reader that updates so you don't have to click links; if you don't have one, download one!) and they are all extremely entertaining. Some are also focused on children, and some on other things, like graduate school, travel, or random musings.

How are all of these blogs so much more funny and interesting than mine?! I am really jealous. Here, a friend from Utah totally slays me with her wit. Here, a blog written by a family friend my mom always says "could be Tina Fey." Here, daily life is pondered with humor. Or here, my friend takes the most gorgeous pictures with fun comments about what is going on. And, for more, just click ANY of the links I keep there on the left side of my blog! (I need to organize those since the list is getting pretty darn comprehensive!)

Everyone else in the blogging world: Well done. You are all so entertaining and make my day.
Me: Work on that.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Laundry Time

Charlie helping out with the laundry.

He is really sitting up a lot better these days! Soon I will have him washing his own laundry......


Spencer thought he would see what the pacifier buzz was all about.

It isn't as if he tested it out for a little while either. He has had the pacifier in his mouth all night.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Testing it out.... Taking the plunge....

With Aunt Stacy

Padres Game

The family went to the Padres - Diamondbacks game on Tuesday night. It was great fun! Greg complained that he has never been to a winning Padres game, but I pointed out that no one ever has.

It was 3-0 in the bottom of the seventh and we were inches away from a homerun with the bases loaded (is that a grand slam?) but they caught it. Oh well. I forgot to watch much of the game because I was watching the big screen. In football, they show the game on the big screen, and I guess I was looking for it there. No game was there though, so every time anything happened, I was not looking.
Charlie loves his uncle!! Spencer holds Charlie a lot and is very helpful with him.
The sodas were $1, so we each got one. Charlie just wanted the lid. Greg makes faces like 95% of the time I take pictures of him. So now I am posting one of them to serve him right.

We ran into two of our nieces at the game but didn't get any pictures with them. Oh, well. Next time!