Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This morning Charlie decided to help mommy work.

First he figured out that pulling on the cord would bring the computer to him. (I think that his understanding of this fact might brand him a genius, but I happen to think he is brilliant already).So then I unplugged the computer so there was nothing for him to yank. He then decided it would be worth his time to creep on over to the computer.Since he did so well with the forward movement, I rewarded him by opening up a chat window with Daddy (at work) and letting him pound out a few letters to him.

It is a computer age, and Charlie is keeping up.


Stacy said...

nudist computer whiz. how precious. he is brill. running before walking, if you will.

Sel said...

why is this child so old now?

i need to see him before i leave. in two weeks. yes.

Tris & Ken said...

We love that guy!!! IT IS a computer age! Charlie and Corban will be video chatting regularly, so they might as well start already! He's so cute, you should bill your company for his time.

Stacy said...

we are liiiiiiii-ving in a technology world, and charlie's a technology girl!

Kristin said...

The kids keep getting younger and younger when it comes to learning technology. Haha