Thursday, July 3, 2008


For anyone that keeps up with my sister-in-law's blog, you will notice that I snaked her recent blog's title. Her little girl got long enough hair to do pig tails, but today Charlie reached a milestone of a different kind.

Here he is this morning at Grandma's house, looking super cute, except for his thinning hair. We have sort of been making fun of him for his funny looking hair for a little while now. You may remember that he had lots of lovely, dark baby hair when he was born. I was very vain about the hair and thought it would never fall out and he would always look so cute.

Well, the cuteness remained, but the hair is gone.So, Greg and I decided it was time for a hair cut. Some of my Mexican friends at work are always after me to shave his head. Apparently it is a custom in Mexico, and it allegedly leads to thicker, etc. hair once it grows back. Don't worry, we didn't Bic it. But, we did do a little trim.
My mom was funny. At first she refused to do it, and I said, "Please, just on a three." So, she finally agreed to do it on a four. After she did the four, she said, "Maybe we should try the three" and then did that. Then it was "Maybe just the two" so we did the two. Then she offered up the one, but I drew the line there.

Here he is, almost officially a blonde!
And a couple more pictures of the newly shorn baby. He has discovered that he likes this new entertainer thing that Grandma keeps for daycare. I need to pull out the fun bouncer thing from Emily and hang it in a door for him; maybe he is ready.
In other news, Spencer got the job at Jamba Juice, so he is moving in on Monday, I guess. And we get the keys to the new place next Wednesday, so I should probably get to putting the books in boxes. I think that I am just going take the rest of stuff over throughout the day and not worry about boxes. Our books, however, fill such mountainous parts of the home (encased in three bookcases, one in Charlie's room, one in ours, and one in the living room) that walking them over would take six months.
Speaking of books, I love the new David Sedaris. He is so funny.


Anonymous said...

I don't have an interesting comment, but I do have a true one... "CHOOCH is CUUTEE!!!"

PS: Make a blog entry about his real name... Chooch.

Tris & Ken said...

I love it!!! He's so blonde,I can't believe it!! So so so cute, I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!

Sel said...

he looks like a little marine.

Stacy said...

i agree with spencer... put the announcer quote: "here comes "the train!" (chooch, chooch chooch chooch) Charlie "chooch" ashcraft down to the endzone..."

he looks like a cancer patient in the cutest of ways.