Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

Our July 4th was pretty uneventful as far as fireworks go; we had to wake Charlie up several times, so by nine when the fireworks were to start, I couldn't bear to wake him up again. He did wake up around 9:15, so we walked over to Blockbuster and saw a few fireworks. We saw most of the finale, it was behind the shopping center we were walking to.
Here are some pictures from this nice and long weekend!
Fourth of July is Uncle Dean's birthday, so we met up with the family at his favorite pizza place. Charlie was a big hit. =)
Here he is with Grandma Mackey.
We went out with Spencer on Saturday morning, and here he is wanting to order.
Playing computer with Uncle Spencer.
Like father, like son.
Poor little guy was so tired. And poor little daddy is ALWAYS so tired. We are working on getting him to sleep through the night, and I am not much help because when I hold Charlie in the middle of the night, he thinks it is snack time. We thought a long weekend would be a good time to try and get him sleeping better, and we are still working on it.


Tris & Ken said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Could that picture of Charlie and Greg be ANY cuter????? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Good luck with the night thing! It changes your world when babies sleep through the night!

Seth and Lacey said...

lol Greg and Charlie both look so tired!!!

Stacy said...

HAHAHAHAHA they are both sticking their tongue out slightly. if the clients saw this side of greg, it would be a riot.

Sarah (& Bryce) said...

So be honest, was that picture posed? I mean, it's like SPITTING IMAGES :) Hilarious and precious!!

The Ashcrafts said...

Haha, it does look posed! But, it was just a moment of greatness.