Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My name is Charlie.

I am recently teething, making this lower lip bite my new favorite face. (this picture is too much to pass up, but blogger is being weird and won't let me flip it)
I won't nurse. When Mommy tries to feed me, I squirm and squeal and make things generally uncomfortable for her. Also, I refuse to sleep unless I nurse to sleep. Mommy has to nurse me back to sleep in the middle of the night as well. For my normal meals though, it is all bottle for me.

Uncle Spencer babysat me while Mommy and Daddy saw Batman, and I was a fussy little monkey. Teach them to leave me at home. (They really liked Batman).
At least I am still gobbling up the baby food like it is going out of style.
Mommy needs a nap....


Stacy said...

the last face is like dad's senior picture.... only with more hair, if that can be believed.

Tris & Ken said...

He is so fun. I need a nap too, now that you mention it. Lets leave our fussy babies with Spencer and take naps. Poor moms. :) good thing Charlie is so adorable, makes up for alot!!

Majestic Madness said...

It looks like he's wearing green lipstick in the last pic. Oh and HI!!!