Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This morning Charlie decided to help mommy work.

First he figured out that pulling on the cord would bring the computer to him. (I think that his understanding of this fact might brand him a genius, but I happen to think he is brilliant already).So then I unplugged the computer so there was nothing for him to yank. He then decided it would be worth his time to creep on over to the computer.Since he did so well with the forward movement, I rewarded him by opening up a chat window with Daddy (at work) and letting him pound out a few letters to him.

It is a computer age, and Charlie is keeping up.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach babe

Charlie at the Beach

He liked the water slightly more than last time....

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Son...

Charlie has now basically given up on bottles as well as nursing. He will take a little bit of a bottle at a time, but not very much.

Not that he is hurting for calories, of course, but now when he is hungry, he spends his time screeching instead of eating.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My name is Charlie.

I am recently teething, making this lower lip bite my new favorite face. (this picture is too much to pass up, but blogger is being weird and won't let me flip it)
I won't nurse. When Mommy tries to feed me, I squirm and squeal and make things generally uncomfortable for her. Also, I refuse to sleep unless I nurse to sleep. Mommy has to nurse me back to sleep in the middle of the night as well. For my normal meals though, it is all bottle for me.

Uncle Spencer babysat me while Mommy and Daddy saw Batman, and I was a fussy little monkey. Teach them to leave me at home. (They really liked Batman).
At least I am still gobbling up the baby food like it is going out of style.
Mommy needs a nap....

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Since Charlie was born, I have been sort of afraid of teething. I knew it was coming, and I knew it was going to be painful.

It is here. It is painful. Poor baby! =(

Just one tooth is coming in on the bottom row.

In other news, we are 98% of the way moved in to our new apartment. It is a complete wreck, but at least most of the stuff is here. Tomorrow, I have to clean the whole old apartment (bummer) and Greg has to take the crib apart and get it out of the old place and into the new, and then put it back together. We like the new place; it is really rather spacious.

Went to Young Women's today for the first time (there have been special circumstances on the other weeks, so I haven't gone to the Sunday meeting before today) and it was good. I think the girls spent half the time just staring at Charlie (well, he IS pretty darn cute), but the novelty will probably wear off and then they can go back to paying attention to class. Thursday night will be the beach activity, which should be pretty fun.

I have some pictures that need posted, namely more beach pictures and some of Charlie in one of those jumper things that hangs in the doorway. He played in the jumper for about an hour and a half this morning, and he kept making this funny and content face that I snapped, but, in true moving form, I have no clue where the camera is right now, so it will have to be another time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby at the Beach

Charlie had his first encounter with the ocean yesterday. We are going back tonight. Here is a play by play of what he thought.

Walking down with mommy.Checking out the waves. Pretty interested.
Waiting for the water to come.
Getting his feet as far away from the water as he could. The picture doesn't capture the primeal scream which accompanied this step.
Retreat. (The picture is unflattering, but we had to do the full storyboard).


They look so happy, but shortly after this cute picture was taken, Charlie got a big handful of Serina's hair, and ripped it right out. She cried, which made him cry, which made Aunt Jill and I cry. Not really, but we had to hustle them off the beach in a hurry, since people were all staring.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stacy's Weekend

Since many of our readers are family, and many others are also interested in my lovely sister, Stacy, I thought I would post some pictures from HER Fourth of July. Much cooler than ours!!

Stacy with Aunt Renee and Nate.
In case you don't know it is scary, they write it on your back...

When asked what skydiving was like, Stacy said "like flying." Thank you for that description. I guess we will have to try it for ourselves.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

Our July 4th was pretty uneventful as far as fireworks go; we had to wake Charlie up several times, so by nine when the fireworks were to start, I couldn't bear to wake him up again. He did wake up around 9:15, so we walked over to Blockbuster and saw a few fireworks. We saw most of the finale, it was behind the shopping center we were walking to.
Here are some pictures from this nice and long weekend!
Fourth of July is Uncle Dean's birthday, so we met up with the family at his favorite pizza place. Charlie was a big hit. =)
Here he is with Grandma Mackey.
We went out with Spencer on Saturday morning, and here he is wanting to order.
Playing computer with Uncle Spencer.
Like father, like son.
Poor little guy was so tired. And poor little daddy is ALWAYS so tired. We are working on getting him to sleep through the night, and I am not much help because when I hold Charlie in the middle of the night, he thinks it is snack time. We thought a long weekend would be a good time to try and get him sleeping better, and we are still working on it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


For anyone that keeps up with my sister-in-law's blog, you will notice that I snaked her recent blog's title. Her little girl got long enough hair to do pig tails, but today Charlie reached a milestone of a different kind.

Here he is this morning at Grandma's house, looking super cute, except for his thinning hair. We have sort of been making fun of him for his funny looking hair for a little while now. You may remember that he had lots of lovely, dark baby hair when he was born. I was very vain about the hair and thought it would never fall out and he would always look so cute.

Well, the cuteness remained, but the hair is gone.So, Greg and I decided it was time for a hair cut. Some of my Mexican friends at work are always after me to shave his head. Apparently it is a custom in Mexico, and it allegedly leads to thicker, etc. hair once it grows back. Don't worry, we didn't Bic it. But, we did do a little trim.
My mom was funny. At first she refused to do it, and I said, "Please, just on a three." So, she finally agreed to do it on a four. After she did the four, she said, "Maybe we should try the three" and then did that. Then it was "Maybe just the two" so we did the two. Then she offered up the one, but I drew the line there.

Here he is, almost officially a blonde!
And a couple more pictures of the newly shorn baby. He has discovered that he likes this new entertainer thing that Grandma keeps for daycare. I need to pull out the fun bouncer thing from Emily and hang it in a door for him; maybe he is ready.
In other news, Spencer got the job at Jamba Juice, so he is moving in on Monday, I guess. And we get the keys to the new place next Wednesday, so I should probably get to putting the books in boxes. I think that I am just going take the rest of stuff over throughout the day and not worry about boxes. Our books, however, fill such mountainous parts of the home (encased in three bookcases, one in Charlie's room, one in ours, and one in the living room) that walking them over would take six months.
Speaking of books, I love the new David Sedaris. He is so funny.

Speaking of...

Remember all the hair he once had?!