Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This week...

We are so grateful that Wesley is staying with us!! But we REALLY miss daddy! =(
He will be home Saturday, we just have to get through! Grandma H keeps teasing me about how I wouldn't make a good Navy wife. That's for sure!

Holding his own bottle....That started a week or so ago, and it is pretty cute. Uncles are so fun!
Laughing at Wesley's faces. The sleeper in this picture and the picture above belonged to Uncles Spencer and Wesley when they were babies.


Stacy said...

in the first picture, he looks like he's wearing a frock... HAHAHAHA! and the sleeper is a little snug but what else can you expect from slim? i miss him. when does he come back?

Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

This is not the same Charlie! Wow.. everytime I see him in pictures he looks cuter and cuter... I really need to get my butt down to San Diego!

Sel said...

i love my boyprrrend!

Why is he not six months? I was gonna enter him (and when I say that, I mean, I was gonna tell YOU to enter him) in the Parent's Magazine's "World Cutest Baby" contest (or whatever)...but you gotta be six months old!!! Maybe next year?