Saturday, June 14, 2008


Our big piece of news is that we are moving! But, nobody needs to gasp, we are just moving across the street. Spencer is moving in with us August 1st, so we wanted somewhere bigger. Plus, we are getting a garage!!!!! YAY for garages! And an upstairs apartment, and a PANTRY. So we are pretty excited.

We are moving in July 12th, so if anyone is in town to help us truck our stuff across the street, come on over.

Next, Greg is at scout camp all next week. We are really going to miss him!! =( But it should be fun for him.

Work has been totally crazy for both Greg and I. He is seeing like eleven clients per day, and almost all of them retain the office. He has been working six days a week! I have been doing more and more and more at work, so I am slowly getting to figure out everything they are expecting of me. I am really loving it though. I love getting to stay at home with my little boy.

Stacy had our camera for a little while because she went to New York, so I have been catching up on all my picture taking of little Charlie. So, beware, about ten posts follow this one...

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Stacy said...

only mom will gasp, hahahaha. the office is quiet when greg is gone. strange, i thought i was the loud one... when will charlie come visit me again?