Monday, June 2, 2008


My sister is in New York with our camera, so everyone gets a break from all the lovely pictures I take of our little boy. Quick note though, the child is like nineteen pounds now. Three months and nineteen pounds?! And I need to get him a new car seat already, which I am bummed about. Does anyone know a good car seat that is rear facing but big enough for an enormous child?
Anyway, today I had an adventure at work. Just a minor one. The hotel where I work is right next to Fashion Valley Mall, to orient those who are familiar with the area. Anyway, where is a Wells Fargo Bank right there. Some man went in there today and robbed the stinking bank. Then, he came on over to the hotel to hide out! The police were all over the property (the Town and Country is like a mile long, it isn't like one building of guest rooms) and the security guards were all over the place trying to track him down.

Anti-climatically, no one found him. He is still out there. But it does lead to interesting conversation.

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Tris & Ken said...

Rachel! I'm so glad he didn't come hide out in your office! But that is a great story. And sorry about the car seat thing. I have heard excellent things about the Britax Roundabout... and other brands but I can't think of their names. Good luck!