Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend in Utah!

This weekend, we went to Utah! Charlie's first roadtrip. We got a lot of work done on the house and got to visit quite a few people, but tragically did not get to stay for church because I got fairly sick. I generally get a little sick while on vacation (just changing schedules and such) but I guess the normal sickness compounded with a baby and breastfeeding and the like just made it worse. So, we decided to leave Saturday night instead. Now we need to go back and do a little more visiting, but we don't mind. We love Utah!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure...

Charlie getting buckled in for the trip. He's smiling now, but a few hours in the car changed his tune...We got to visit with the Rockwells twice, which was great fun. We went on the "Gallery Walk" in Salt Lake where we walked through several small independent-type art galleries, and then ate the most delicious pizza ever. Anyone who knows me well knows how I dislike pizza, but this should not even be classified in the same category. The owner of the restaurant served his mission in Italy (so did Greg R., so that is why he is so fond of the authenticity) and his restaurant is certified by some board of pizza commissioners in Naples, Italy. Seriously! They have certain requirements to get certified and there are only two in the United States. It was SO divine!
We took the babies with us, so now they are great friends.
Charlie and Kelly.
This picture totally kills me. Charlie has his eyes wide like there is something wrong with him (like in School of Rock...he is ready to raise his goblet of rock) and Kelly is partying. Charlie says "No, Kelly, I am the only one who parties!" (which he learned from Uncle Spencer.) We got to visit with Brittney and Launa and Porter. Launa and Charlie were pretty interested in figuring out who the other baby was, but they were never very happy at the same time, so most of the pictures do not survive the blog cut.
Brittney and Launa, Charlie and Rachel. Launa is almost a year old and a total sweetheart!
Rachel got to visit Dani, for quite a while, which was fun. We have been friends since middle school and we were roommates before I got married and Dani went on a mission. Charlie had so much fun getting held by all his new friends.

We will definitely be returning to Utah again soon, to see more of our great friends!

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Stacy said...

something distracted charlie in that picture with dani. maybe you took too long to take the picture. atleast he isn't yawning, hahahaha.