Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday was little Charlie's baby blessing. Since I don't have all the pictures yet, I will not do the post about it yet, but I did want to report that it was really wonderful. We had 48 people come to see his blessing, which we have decided must be some kind of record. We love all of our family and friends who came. There are a couple of family pictures that I posted last night from the occasion, so scroll down to see them. He was so cute in his little whites.
Today, Charlie had his two month appointment. The child is off the charts in weight and head size and in the 75th percentile of length. It is pretty funny, they do a little graph that shows the 25th, 50th and 99th percentile of everything and then they have your baby represented by a little "X." Charlie's "X's" were way up in outer space. He is 16.2 pounds! Also 23.5 inches and his head was like 16 cm or something like that. I have forgotten exactly what his head size was.
He also got three shots!! He cried when he got the shots, and it made mommy cry too. But only a tiny bit, so it isn't too embarrassing. He has been good today, but cried every time mommy put him down. He just wants to be held all day today!! The only other problem is that he is refusing to nurse, so I have had to pump and bottle feed him. Oh, well. At least he has been generally in a good mood.
I have a lot of pictures on my camera and so there is a little bit of catching up to do. Some are from fun things we've done, and others are just too cute to pass by.
One of the funniest things about babies is how they are awake...
And then, they are suddenly asleep. A couple of weeks ago we went to a "High School" dance and so Greg had to pull out some of the weird thrift store clothes he used to wear.... You can't see here, but there are elbow patches on that jacket. Yikes.
Charlie's date, Jillian. We brought him to the dance with us and lots of ladies wanted to dance with him. =)Uncle Spencer visited with us several days last week. Charlie and Spencer are great friends.
I am fond of this shirt. It is so funny! It is one of the "Red" campaign shirts from the Gap. The proceds go to help children in Africa who are orphaned by AIDS and all the shirts say a word that have the letters RED in them. Some of the shirts say "Hammered" or "Inspired" or things like that. Charlie's says "Diapered." So cute!


Valerie said...

Don't be embarrassed about crying...I cry every time Sydney gets a shot...even when she doesn't.

Stacy said...

charlie looks like he needs to unbutton his diapie and let out his tummy. what a precious chunk. :D