Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Zoo Trip

For Memorial Day we went to the zoo with three nieces and a newphew. It was lots of fun. The kids are great, but I am still definitely not ready to have five children. Haha. We love hanging out with them though. Charlie couldn't get enough of his cousins!

Charlie in his pouch, taking it all in.
Kelsey, the scary gorilla man!
Kaylin, Kelsey, Katie, Greg, Charlie, and Courtney. And a bronze gorilla.

Kelsey and Courtney couldn't take enough pictures and so we have a picture of just about every single animal we saw. This creepy snake picture is courtesy of one of them.
This sign in the petting zoo made me laugh. Sometimes I feel this way a little bit.
Katie, Rachel, Kaylin, and Charlie in the petting zoo.

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Anonymous said...

Kelsey the Gorilla Man picture looks a lot like a face that Greg would make, they have the same Gorilla face/lips.