Monday, April 21, 2008


We had a fun weekend. We headed over to Balboa Park. Balboa Park is very important to Greg and I for a couple of reasons. First, it is a San Diego landmark, so it is important to everyone in San Diego. Second, we went to Balboa Park every year for Valentine's Day all the years we were dating. Third, we took our wedding pictures at the park. Since it was a Saturday there were a few weddings going on so it was fun to see the brides and remember how fun it was to do our pictures there.
Some pictures at the park:
Daddy and Charlie watching the ducks and fish.
The ducks kept diving to find food. Call me five, but it delighted me to no end.I like koi fish. They are so colorful.At the fountain. They have this thing called the "chalk fund" where people donate money to Balboa to buy chalk for kids to draw on the ground there by the fountain. It is really fun. We hope Charlie will get to use the chalk there someday.
Overlooking some of San Diego.
Great zoom on that camera!
My boys are so handsome!
Family pictures in the garden. The guy who took these for us was wearing a Paraguay shirt, which was bizzare because practically no one but missionaries go to Paraguay. Greg asked him about it and I guess his nephew met a girl on the internet from Paraguay and went there to marry her. Greg got to tell him about his mission, which was fun.

After Balboa Park, we went to the Corvette Diner in downtown San Diego (Hillcrest). Greg used to go there with his dad and step mom as a kid, when they lived in Hillcrest. It is a fun 50's diner with good food and good music. All the waitresses have big beehive wigs too, which is funny. They give out bazooka bubble gum at the end of the meal instead of mints, which we also liked. They also do contests during dinner to win a whole box of bubble gum. One of the contests was that they played the song "Wipeout" and everyone had to drum during the drum solo. So, below are Charlie and I trying to win some gum!! (We didn't. Darn.) That picture was taken on my camera phone, so that is why the quality isn't great. Still pretty good considering though.

To end the day, we visited Grandma Henry. Charlie fell asleep the second he got into great Grandma's arms!

We enjoyed the weekend. Too bad it led to the week, when we need to get stuff done! Speaking of, the laundry needs rotated before Charlie wakes up for second dinner.


Mirjam said...

Hey, we got your announcement today! You have a beautiful boy and we are happy to know you guys!

Kaylin said...

Absolutley the cutest baby ever! Hey What's up? When do we get to see ya'll I miss ya. Gotta go do homework now. Love ya, bye.