Sunday, April 6, 2008


A couple of things for this last week or so...
First, General Conference ended today, and it was SUCH a great set of meetings. I loved them all. I am so glad for President Monson's talks. I have always had a hard time enjoying his talks because they seemed so randomly put together and I couldn't find the specific topic they were supposed to be on (not that that should be important, but I guess it was to me). In any case, these talks from this conference were so wonderful. He definitely wore the mantle of the prophet!
Charlie had two main landmarks since I last wrote, and they are big ones! First, Thursday night, he slept through the night! I use that phrase sort of liberally I guess, so I better define: he slept from about ten pm until about four thirty am. He woke up around midnight, but after getting the pacifier, went back to sleep without another feeding. HUGE for us!!! He has been waking up for a feeding about every other night since then, but it has been a lot easier to sleep lately and mommy loves it!! The other big landmark is that he has started to smile at us more and more. We are pretty sure he means it when he smiles now, so that is the landmark. Having him smile at us is the most amazing feeling in the world. Almost as good as it might be when he first says "mama" or "dada" or "I love you." =)
Next is a report on illness. I got mastitis (an infection some breastfeeding women can get, but it generally comes from bacteria in the baby's mouth so it doesn't get passed back to the baby, thank goodness. I spent a couple of days just completely sick. My fever was about 102 degrees for most of Thursday. Greg was able to take a sick day to take care of Charlie, which was such a blessing because I was just too weak to even hold him for long periods of time. One really wonderful thing happend on Thursday afternoon. Greg had been holding him all day, I had just been pumping his food because it was too painful to feed him directly, so he and I hadn't been hanging out like usual. I was in bed the whole day and they were in the other room most of it, letting me sleep, so we didn't even see each other a lot. Greg brought him in the bedroom and laid him next to me while he went to do something and Charlie turned to me and smiled the biggest smile ever, as if he had missed me. Call me feverish, but I totally cried. =) And, don't worry Grandma Mackey, I am on antibiotics for the infection and I am 100% feeling better!
Finally, the upstairs neighbors aparently had their water heater break, and they didn't do anything about it, so water is now soaking the entire half of Charlie's room. We are having to move the crib, the desk including the computer, and most of Greg's music equipment and get the carpet torn up and replaced, which is a huge bummer. I don't know what's up with them up there, but whatever. At least nothing serious happened.
Oh, and we decided to go ahead and send out baby annoucements, due to the unanimous affirmative response we heard from everyone, so if you would like an annoucement and don't think we have your address, please email it to us and we will get you one. Also, you can post it as a comment and I will just reject the post so no one else can get the address but us (the comments don't get posted unless I approve them, so there wouldn't be any problem with your privacy.)
Below are some new pictures. As I say so often, we just think Charlie is the greatest and cutest thing ever. Because of that, I take tons of pictures of him, so just humor us with that I guess. Some of them are sort of similar, but, like I said, he is so dang cute it is hard to choose!!

Smiling at daddy! Tongues out!

In these ones he looks like he is up to something, which is cute. =) Probably up to making a messy diaper for mommy!

As always, thanks for visiting and enjoy your week!


Austin and Jennifer Jensen said...

I love his faces! He is so cute... and getting big! : )

Stacy said...

he looks like his little belly is about to pop out of his pants. kind of like an oompa loompa! he's presh. i like him. :D

Kiersten said...

He is so cute! We'd love to get an announcement!