Thursday, April 17, 2008

Smiley Boy

I am in love with this baby's smile!

What a goof.
Don't mind his lack of clothes in these pictures. This morning he went #2 (those of you who have/had breastfed babies may remember the bright seedy yellow #2 that they can create) ALL over mommy and the computer chair. I have never seen so much yuck! (A sales pitch for oxi clean stain treatment though, everything looks clean as the day we bought it). Anyway, we jumped in the shower and afterward he was smiling a bunch (he was proud I guess) so I took these pictures before he got dressed again.
In other news (sorry for that slightly disgusting story, but little things become news when you stay at home with your baby I guess, haha), I started back at work yesterday! I missed Charlie SO much. I cried when Greg left for my mom's. Charlie will go to Grandma's during the day; Greg will drop him off before he goes to the office. Anyway, according to my mom he didn't miss me at all, which I guess was supposed to be a good thing. He was perfectly behaved for her, so that is good. The one thing about having family members watch your baby is that I get paranoid that if he is naughty (like he was for cousin Brooke and Aunt Stacy a couple of weekends ago while we went on a date) they won't love him anymore. I am sure he will be naughty for grandma at some point, but she assures me that she will still love him.
Anyway, work was good. I am glad I am easing into it though, because eight hours at the office was a LOT. Plus, I appeared to have missed the whole month of March. Yesterday was February 22nd, and today is April 17th! I haven't really written the date anywhere since I was last at work, so I kept writing "3" for the month and having to cross it out. Anyway, I got a huge pile of projects to work on from home and I go into the office again next Wednesday.
The baby keeps spitting out his pacifier so I better look into feeding him. He just ate, but he hardly ate at all during the day today (I couldn't get him to eat for longer than five minutes and usually he eats for 30) so I guess he is making up for it.


Stacy said...

he is a precious muffin.

The Captain said...

He is just so dang cute!

Sel said...

Really cute.
I think I might like to babysit for Charlie for something. But only if that yucky #2 thing is cleared up be then.

The Ashcrafts said...

don't worry, the #2 thing is a treat he appears to only reserve for mommy.

Jenny Ashcraft Statz RN IBCLC said...

Hello Ashcraft's--I am a Lactation Consultant and I was looking up breastfeeding videos when I came across your page. I was interested for 2 reasons 1.)because you are nursing and 2.) because my maiden name is ASHCRAFT. I thought it was funny to come across your name. Your son is beautiful and his smile is awesome.