Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wild Animal Park

This morning we decided to go to the Zoo. We totally love the Zoo and Wild Animal Park (thanks for the passes, Grandma Mackey!) and we like to go on the weekends since it is a fun and free activity!! Anyway, I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning and she told me that my sister was headed to the Wild Animal Park today, so we decided to head there and then call her and see if we could meet up! So, we had a fun time at the Wild Animal Park with Aunt Stacy and her friend Emily.
Tobi watched Charlie while mommy and daddy got ready to go to the park. =) With Aunt Stacy and Emily at the elephant show.
When I was little, my family had the Koala Klub passes to the zoo and W. A. P. and we would always climb on the rhino before we went home. I think there are probably lots of Lawrence family pictures with that bronze rhino. We couldn't leave without starting an Ashcraft family tradition. (Probably every family in the world stops for a picture there, so it isn't really being started by us, but in any case...)
Charlie on the rhino's head.
Our family with the rhino.
Stacy was taking the pictures and while she took the picture above, another lady was standing there (her kids were playing on the rhino in the background of the picture above) and she said to Stacy "Come around to this angle, it looks so cute!" so Stacy did and the picture below is the cute angle, I guess. Anyway, the point to the story was that while we were taking the picture, a little girl came and started playing on the rhino's head, and that's why there is a random child in the foreground.
Daddy lion. I like how they have redone the lion enclosure so that you can see the lions so much better and closer!
Baby lion cub. I am very into the baby animals these days. Okay, not these days, always. My mom actually clips all the articles about the babies at the zoo and the WAP for me, and they are all over my fridge.
The elephant with her baby! There were three baby elephants. I was dying. The mama would walk away for a minute and after a second the baby would look up and then RUN to be right next to mom. It was cute. Also, shows off our camera's zoom!
Human mama and baby checking out the elephants.
We had a good time and Charlie didn't have any meltdowns until the very end (thus making it the end of the day, haha. Another nice thing about having passes is that I don't feel like we have to stay for too many hours to get our money's worth. We can leave anytime and head back next weekend!). Poor little guy has his first little diaper rash so he seems to be a little bit less tolerant when he needs a diaper change, and he has been a little bit more fussy all around, due to the stage or maybe the rash, I'm not sure. He is still a little angel though.
In any case, the little angel wants to eat some dinner, so I better sign off. Leave your vote on the poll about sending a baby announcement because I totally can't decide. If we send one, it will probably be a picture that is on the blog anyway, but I want people who don't check out the blog to know he was born....I am just torn. Make sure to vote so you can make my mind up for me.


Brit Nielsen said...

That is awesome to go to the Wild animal park! Thanks for the pictures of the animals, Launa liked them. Charlie looks just like Greg, and he is sooo cute. He's got so much hair!

Brit said...

Thanks for the animal pics; Launa loved them. Charlie is so big and CUTE! He looks just like Greg, and all that hair.