Saturday, March 15, 2008


I took this little questionnaire from Kiersten because I like to talk about our romance, so this is all old news I guess. But I am going to have fun filling it out anyway.

Where did you meet your spouse?
High School. We aren't sure exactly where we met officially, but I definitely saw him waiting by the fence every day after school when I would walk out to meet my carpool, because I would always stop by and say hello to Rob Bonham, with whom he carpooled. That was my sophomore year. Then, my junior year, we had choir together.
Where was your first date?
Homecoming, October 6, 2001. We went to Roadhouse Grill first, where the floor is covered in peanut shells. It was a double date with Jenny Haldeman and Tyler Phelps.
Where was your first kiss?
In Jessica Denton's driveway. A fact that stresses her out to no end.
Who said "I love you" first?
Greg did. We were at the Glen twins' house and we were out on the porch and he laid it on me. I think I said I love you a few days later though, so I wasn't too far behind him.
Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
Long courtship, short engagement. We dated for the better part of four years (we didn't really technically date while he was on his mission since we were on different continents, but we did write letters. And I dated other guys and compared them to him, so that sort of counts....) from October 2001 until September 11, 2005, when we got engaged. Then we were engaged for three and a half months, until December 30, 2005, when we got married.
Where did you get engaged?
I was watching a devotional (Susan B. Tanner) on Sunday night with my roommates, and when it ended, I got a text message which said something like "Amen, come outside." Which was slightly confusing, but I went outside and he was on his knee.
Where were you married?
San Diego Temple!
How did your reception go?
So great. It was really fun. We danced the night away, which is exactly what we wanted to do. My mom did a great job putting it together (I did not help.)
Where was your honeymoon?
We stayed in San Diego for a couple days until our Mexican cruise left. We got to swim with dolphins, which was the highlight of the honeymoon. Lowest point: Greg eating raw seafood and then presenting flu-like symptoms, which got us quarantined.
If you could have changed anything about your day, what would it have been?
Selina being in my wedding party. Also having the bridesmaids pick out their own dress in the colors.
I am tagging... Tristen, Megan B., and anyone else who looks at our blog and posts to their own... =)

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Yay! I'm glad you did it, too. I love your engagement story...