Saturday, March 15, 2008

Charlie Update

Is it amazing or what? I am referring to how much you love your baby. I just can't believe how precious he is.

We are loving parenthood. I was telling a friend of mine that when he cries in the middle of the night I first think "WHERE is that child's mother?!" before I realize that he is my responsibility, but other than those two a.m. encounters, I am really enjoying the baby. The other night when he cried I dug around in my covers for about three minutes before I realized that he was in his own room/bed. I definitely am not one to shoot right into action, mainly just because I am so confused when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Anyway, he is doing really well. At his two week appointment on Monday, he was nine pounds, nine ounces. This is almost an entire pound over his birth weight! I took him in on Friday for his eye goop (don't even get me started on the advice nurse who said I needed to take him in when I totally didn't...) and he was ten pounds, two ounces!!!! I think he is probably closer to ten pounds even or so because he was still wearing a diaper when he got weighed Friday and they usually strip him bare, but still. It is clear that the child is growing faster than anything. He is my little piglet. =)

He does not sleep through the night, although that is not expected since he is only three weeks (today!). It is people's number one question though, so I have to answer it. He is pretty good about sleeping in between waking up and wanting to be fed though. He does not cry a ton, although he really loves to be held all night, which is sort of a pain. He is getting better and better at staying in his crib every day. =) Good job, Charlie!

He does not cry too much in general. If he is crying we can be pretty sure there is actually something wrong, generally he wants to be fed or burped. And MAN can that kid burp! He gets it from his Aunt Stacy, who is known for burps that cause tidal waves.

This week was very busy. My best friend, Selina, was in town (in Murrieta, that is) so we went to Murrieta to see her on Monday and Wednesday. We got to visit with her really briefly on Wednesday, and a little bit of a longer visit Monday, where she got to hold Charlie. We are excited for her to come to town for a couple months in May before she ships off to grad school in New York.

Also in town this week was my sister in law, Tristen, and niece, Avery. Monday night was a Henry family (my mom's side of the family) party, and it was fun to visit with everyone. Then on Friday, the Mackey's (dad's side of the family) came up for lunch with us, so we got to visit with Tristen and Avery again. Tristen is going to have a little boy in April (we can't wait for our boys to be friends!) and Avery was so cute with Charlie. She just stared and stared at him. She is going to make a great big sister!

Finally, the biggest thing of the week: Charlie's first babysitter!! My cousin, Brooke came over to watch him. I was so nervous to leave him, not because of Brooke, but I knew I would miss him!!! We went and saw Vantage Point, which was great. I am glad it was so action-packed, because I had to focus on the plot so I wasn't worrying about him. When we came home, he was sleeping and as happy as a clam. Thanks, Brooke, for watching him!

Here are some pictures from our adventures!

First babysitter...and as you can see, he was loving it!
Daddy and Charlie after church on Sunday. He was very well behaved. And I got to go hang out in the Mother's Room for a little while, which was fun. One of those places you don't get to go until you join the mom club...
In his church clothes. He dresses so cutely, but we can take no credit for it. All our friends have given us lots of cute things, thanks!!Stacy, Wesley and Corey making homemade ice cream at Aunt Jill's house. Wesley's arm splint has been replaced with a neon orange cast now.Daddy feeding Charlie his first bottle!! I have been scared to pump, but since he really has the hang of feeding now, I tried pumping and using the bottle, and he was fine. He is a good little eater.Grandpa Phil with his two grandkids. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Avery just staring at Charlie, because that is what she was doing most of the time and we kept shouting, "Avery, look over here!!" But it was super cute how much she was interested in him.


Kristin Fuller said...

What is it with people thinking that newborns sleep through the night and if anyone says theirs does, they're LYING! LOL Just remember that every baby is different and although advice from others can be nice, it's really only their opinion and YOU know what's best for YOUR baby :) Don't know why I went off there but just wanted to let you know that you're going to get A LOT of people telling you what to do and how they did things with their baby. Just trust your instincts. You're a good mom :)

Phil Lawrence said...

I was looking through your favorite things and saw Harry S. Truman. Can you give me an insight into why you are such a fan of "Give 'em Hell Harry?"


The Ashcrafts said...

Greg loves Harry Truman, so I put it up as a little joke. He thinks Harry Truman is the answer to every trivia question, and he constantly talks about how underrated he (Harry) is. Greg being a big history buff, he knows all of his good deeds I guess. He even read that book by McCullough that is like two million pages!
Plus, anytime you can say "Give 'em Hell, Harry" is good. I should post up that picture of Truman holding up the newspaper article saying he lost the election....