Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wild Animal Park

This morning we decided to go to the Zoo. We totally love the Zoo and Wild Animal Park (thanks for the passes, Grandma Mackey!) and we like to go on the weekends since it is a fun and free activity!! Anyway, I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning and she told me that my sister was headed to the Wild Animal Park today, so we decided to head there and then call her and see if we could meet up! So, we had a fun time at the Wild Animal Park with Aunt Stacy and her friend Emily.
Tobi watched Charlie while mommy and daddy got ready to go to the park. =) With Aunt Stacy and Emily at the elephant show.
When I was little, my family had the Koala Klub passes to the zoo and W. A. P. and we would always climb on the rhino before we went home. I think there are probably lots of Lawrence family pictures with that bronze rhino. We couldn't leave without starting an Ashcraft family tradition. (Probably every family in the world stops for a picture there, so it isn't really being started by us, but in any case...)
Charlie on the rhino's head.
Our family with the rhino.
Stacy was taking the pictures and while she took the picture above, another lady was standing there (her kids were playing on the rhino in the background of the picture above) and she said to Stacy "Come around to this angle, it looks so cute!" so Stacy did and the picture below is the cute angle, I guess. Anyway, the point to the story was that while we were taking the picture, a little girl came and started playing on the rhino's head, and that's why there is a random child in the foreground.
Daddy lion. I like how they have redone the lion enclosure so that you can see the lions so much better and closer!
Baby lion cub. I am very into the baby animals these days. Okay, not these days, always. My mom actually clips all the articles about the babies at the zoo and the WAP for me, and they are all over my fridge.
The elephant with her baby! There were three baby elephants. I was dying. The mama would walk away for a minute and after a second the baby would look up and then RUN to be right next to mom. It was cute. Also, shows off our camera's zoom!
Human mama and baby checking out the elephants.
We had a good time and Charlie didn't have any meltdowns until the very end (thus making it the end of the day, haha. Another nice thing about having passes is that I don't feel like we have to stay for too many hours to get our money's worth. We can leave anytime and head back next weekend!). Poor little guy has his first little diaper rash so he seems to be a little bit less tolerant when he needs a diaper change, and he has been a little bit more fussy all around, due to the stage or maybe the rash, I'm not sure. He is still a little angel though.
In any case, the little angel wants to eat some dinner, so I better sign off. Leave your vote on the poll about sending a baby announcement because I totally can't decide. If we send one, it will probably be a picture that is on the blog anyway, but I want people who don't check out the blog to know he was born....I am just torn. Make sure to vote so you can make my mind up for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

This was a fun week for us because we had lots of fun activites! Here are some favorites:

Charlie hanging out with his stuffed animals. Greg stuck him in there and he looked so cute, so I had to take a picture.

Kisses for daddy!
Aunt Stacy turned the big 2-0 on the 21st!!! No longer a teenager! We went to Murrieta and celebrated with her. Here is Charlie greeting her at work that morning.
We went to a Japanese restaurant, which was so fun. They make the food right in front of you and do the whole show with tossing things in the air and setting them on fire and such. Then they brought out some birthday fruit and sang in Japanese!
Stacy and Scott at lunch.
Charlie turned a month old on Saturday! He celebrated by wowing his parents with a new trick!! ROLLING OVER. I happen to think he is a complete genius for rolling over at four weeks old, but I guess I am his mother....

He doesn't know he is rolling over really, because when he gets on his back he gets M-A-D. He loves being on his tummy, and he isn't so fond of the back except when he is asleep. So, he does the rolling but then we have to roll him back over. Then he goes again. It is one big cycle of him rolling and then yelling until mommy flips him back over!

Starting out happy as a clam on his tummy....

Decides to make his move...

And there you have it folks! An infant on his back! Ha ha.

Charlie is EXTREMELY active. The rolling was one example, but another one is that he sits on the blanket and kicks his legs the whole time. It looks like crawling! We need to get a video up of it because it is very funny, but our video camera is dead and we can't find the plug currently. We will get a video up of him soon.

Happy Easter!! We had two musical numbers at church, the ward choir and a youth choir. I was only in charge of the ward choir, but when we arrived on Sunday, the YW President told me that the director of the youth choir had the flu and asked me to step in. Both numbers went great!! The meeting was wonderful, of course. Easter is such a great holiday! After church, we went to Grandma Mackey's on Easter Sunday, which is the family tradition. It was fun to visit with everyone!

Charlie in heaven, being held by Uncle Wesley. Charlie has great uncles. He hasn't met Ken yet, but he loves being held by Wes and Spencer both.Our happy family!!

Since I never have any pictures of me and the baby (I usually take the pictures) I will post this one up. I just adore Charlie. When he is alert in the mornings, we just sit on the couch and stare at each other for an hour or so. It is so fun being his mommy!!

He is still a very good baby. Apparently, a baby's recreational crying (or when they cry for no real reason like hunger) starts at about 2 weeks and peaks at 6 weeks. So, he is at 4 weeks and crying a little bit more, but he is still very easy to calm down. He is taking the pacifier really well and still eating like a little piglet. Last night he spent most of the night happy in his swing, so that made mommy VERY happy! I wish there were a swing in each room though. I like to be in the room with him, but the swing isn't very mobile though. I woke Greg up in the middle of the night last night dragging it into our bedroom and hitting all the walls. Ooops!

Anyway, I should use the rest of Charlie's naptime to get some chores done. We wanted to send a quick "Happy Anniversary" to Ken and Tristen though! Three years!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Charlie Update

Is it amazing or what? I am referring to how much you love your baby. I just can't believe how precious he is.

We are loving parenthood. I was telling a friend of mine that when he cries in the middle of the night I first think "WHERE is that child's mother?!" before I realize that he is my responsibility, but other than those two a.m. encounters, I am really enjoying the baby. The other night when he cried I dug around in my covers for about three minutes before I realized that he was in his own room/bed. I definitely am not one to shoot right into action, mainly just because I am so confused when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Anyway, he is doing really well. At his two week appointment on Monday, he was nine pounds, nine ounces. This is almost an entire pound over his birth weight! I took him in on Friday for his eye goop (don't even get me started on the advice nurse who said I needed to take him in when I totally didn't...) and he was ten pounds, two ounces!!!! I think he is probably closer to ten pounds even or so because he was still wearing a diaper when he got weighed Friday and they usually strip him bare, but still. It is clear that the child is growing faster than anything. He is my little piglet. =)

He does not sleep through the night, although that is not expected since he is only three weeks (today!). It is people's number one question though, so I have to answer it. He is pretty good about sleeping in between waking up and wanting to be fed though. He does not cry a ton, although he really loves to be held all night, which is sort of a pain. He is getting better and better at staying in his crib every day. =) Good job, Charlie!

He does not cry too much in general. If he is crying we can be pretty sure there is actually something wrong, generally he wants to be fed or burped. And MAN can that kid burp! He gets it from his Aunt Stacy, who is known for burps that cause tidal waves.

This week was very busy. My best friend, Selina, was in town (in Murrieta, that is) so we went to Murrieta to see her on Monday and Wednesday. We got to visit with her really briefly on Wednesday, and a little bit of a longer visit Monday, where she got to hold Charlie. We are excited for her to come to town for a couple months in May before she ships off to grad school in New York.

Also in town this week was my sister in law, Tristen, and niece, Avery. Monday night was a Henry family (my mom's side of the family) party, and it was fun to visit with everyone. Then on Friday, the Mackey's (dad's side of the family) came up for lunch with us, so we got to visit with Tristen and Avery again. Tristen is going to have a little boy in April (we can't wait for our boys to be friends!) and Avery was so cute with Charlie. She just stared and stared at him. She is going to make a great big sister!

Finally, the biggest thing of the week: Charlie's first babysitter!! My cousin, Brooke came over to watch him. I was so nervous to leave him, not because of Brooke, but I knew I would miss him!!! We went and saw Vantage Point, which was great. I am glad it was so action-packed, because I had to focus on the plot so I wasn't worrying about him. When we came home, he was sleeping and as happy as a clam. Thanks, Brooke, for watching him!

Here are some pictures from our adventures!

First babysitter...and as you can see, he was loving it!
Daddy and Charlie after church on Sunday. He was very well behaved. And I got to go hang out in the Mother's Room for a little while, which was fun. One of those places you don't get to go until you join the mom club...
In his church clothes. He dresses so cutely, but we can take no credit for it. All our friends have given us lots of cute things, thanks!!Stacy, Wesley and Corey making homemade ice cream at Aunt Jill's house. Wesley's arm splint has been replaced with a neon orange cast now.Daddy feeding Charlie his first bottle!! I have been scared to pump, but since he really has the hang of feeding now, I tried pumping and using the bottle, and he was fine. He is a good little eater.Grandpa Phil with his two grandkids. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Avery just staring at Charlie, because that is what she was doing most of the time and we kept shouting, "Avery, look over here!!" But it was super cute how much she was interested in him.


I took this little questionnaire from Kiersten because I like to talk about our romance, so this is all old news I guess. But I am going to have fun filling it out anyway.

Where did you meet your spouse?
High School. We aren't sure exactly where we met officially, but I definitely saw him waiting by the fence every day after school when I would walk out to meet my carpool, because I would always stop by and say hello to Rob Bonham, with whom he carpooled. That was my sophomore year. Then, my junior year, we had choir together.
Where was your first date?
Homecoming, October 6, 2001. We went to Roadhouse Grill first, where the floor is covered in peanut shells. It was a double date with Jenny Haldeman and Tyler Phelps.
Where was your first kiss?
In Jessica Denton's driveway. A fact that stresses her out to no end.
Who said "I love you" first?
Greg did. We were at the Glen twins' house and we were out on the porch and he laid it on me. I think I said I love you a few days later though, so I wasn't too far behind him.
Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
Long courtship, short engagement. We dated for the better part of four years (we didn't really technically date while he was on his mission since we were on different continents, but we did write letters. And I dated other guys and compared them to him, so that sort of counts....) from October 2001 until September 11, 2005, when we got engaged. Then we were engaged for three and a half months, until December 30, 2005, when we got married.
Where did you get engaged?
I was watching a devotional (Susan B. Tanner) on Sunday night with my roommates, and when it ended, I got a text message which said something like "Amen, come outside." Which was slightly confusing, but I went outside and he was on his knee.
Where were you married?
San Diego Temple!
How did your reception go?
So great. It was really fun. We danced the night away, which is exactly what we wanted to do. My mom did a great job putting it together (I did not help.)
Where was your honeymoon?
We stayed in San Diego for a couple days until our Mexican cruise left. We got to swim with dolphins, which was the highlight of the honeymoon. Lowest point: Greg eating raw seafood and then presenting flu-like symptoms, which got us quarantined.
If you could have changed anything about your day, what would it have been?
Selina being in my wedding party. Also having the bridesmaids pick out their own dress in the colors.
I am tagging... Tristen, Megan B., and anyone else who looks at our blog and posts to their own... =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Beautiful Baby

We are so in love with our little guy. Here are some new pictures of him! When I catch my breath I will post a longer post about how everything is going, but for now, just check out the pictures! I love his little fist under his chin. So happy being held by Grandma Pat.
Visiting with cousins Sydney and Serina.
Charlie loves Daddy!

With Grandma Henry.
With Grandma Pat.

Looking ultra-cool in his Christmas clothes from Selina.