Thursday, February 7, 2008

What does full term mean, anyway?

Well, all, we made it another week. This week is exciting because tomorrow I am 37 weeks along, which apparently means something. Does anyone know what full term means? I mean, technically full term wouldn't be until the pregnancy is due to be over, forty weeks. If anyone can illuminate me on this issue, that would be great.

Anyway, as for news in our house, this week included a trip to the zoo, friends over for dinner and games, and a trip to the polling place. And Greg going to mutual, of course.

Saturday morning I woke up and informed Greg that I was staying in bed until the baby came out. He bribed me with many things, but nothing worked until he bribed me with a trip to the zoo! We love our zoo passes (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Mackey!) and so we headed over. We missed the baby panda, but we are going to go again this weekend to see her, since she is only out in the mornings. We did get to see another panda, and lots of fun animals.

On the sky ride thing. What is the official name again?
I am very proud of this zebra because I figured out who he was (Conrad) by studying the pictures that showed the differences between each zebra's stripes. They differ on the bums, and I spent much time looking at their bums to see the identifying marks.
The panda. Lin Su I think was her name. She is moving back to China at the beginning of next year.
Greg with the hugest camel we have EVER seen. Greg with the elephant in front.

You may notice a lack of pictures of me in this set. Frankly, I have gotten so enormously fat in the face that I can't really take it anymore. But I did take a couple of the pregnant belly so you could see my progress. The belly still is pretty small, but the rest of me is ballooning (my mom is always telling me that she can't understand my pregnancy because she was so cute during hers. Thanks a lot. But she is also supportive and says that it will go away soon after he comes.) Anyway, I will try not to complain about the weight because it is worth it for baby. Darn good thing he is coming soon though.

Well, I have uploaded thirty times and the pictures will NOT upload, so I will try them on a separate entry. If not, we will try again next week.

Anyway, Monday we had a couple from our ward over for dinner and games. Greg made dinner - asparagus pasta, his specialty. It was delicious and lots of fun. We played catchphrase, which is a game we love, so all in all, we enjoyed it all.

Tuesday took us to the polls. Neither of our candidates took California (Greg in the red and I in blue) but we got our "I Voted" stickers and still felt good about it. Today, however, Mitt Romeny dropped out and Greg has been in a bad mood about it all day. Poor guy. =(

I do believe that is all for tonight, unless I can get those pictures posted on another post. See you all next week! (Unless I go into labor. I really must figure out this full term thing. Maybe labor is imminent and I don't know it!)


Valerie said...

Full term means that if Charlie comes now, he won't be a preemie and you won't have to stay in the hospital after he is born for too long, provided every thing is okay...which it will be.

And so you know who this is, I'll sign this one.

--Valerie (and Charles and Sydney) Chamberlin

Tris & Ken said...

Hey Rachel! I'm still a faithful reader, I actually get your posts right as you post them (they go to my Google Reader) so I always look forward to mutual night!! So about full term... just means that the baby isn't considered preemie any more if he is born now.

For me with Avery, unfortunately, I started thinking when I was full term that i could realistically deliver any time so every day I just made the whole thing all the more drawn out. I was technically full term for a month! So from now on I will be grateful when I'm full term that I didn't have any troubles with my pregnancy but I won't consider myself as due for at least 2 weeks afterwards! It's miserable when you start thinking it's imminent-- first you are so nervous about the pain so you spend all kinds of time thinking about it... and then suddenly you JUST WANT IT TO HAPPEN! So then you start to get your hopes up and then it doesn't happen and you feel sad and disappointed and like a failure, blah blah blah. SOOOOO... anyways, congrats on being full term and good luck avoiding the drama of BEING DUE!! :) I didn't avoid the drama, but hopefully you will!