Sunday, February 24, 2008

Charlie is here!

Our little one is here! He was born on February 23rd at 4:41am. Eight pounds and fifteen ounces!! For the record, I had a doctors appointment on Feb. 22nd and the doctor felt around and said "He feels like he will be about seven and a half pounds." Yeah right, lady. He is twenty one inches long and has lots of hair. It is actually pretty light, with lots of blondish in it. We came home from the hospital today. Kaiser is implementing a new computer system, so it took them almost four hours to fill out all the stuff to discharge us, but it happened in the end, and home we are.
I went into labor at about 10:30am on Friday, but it was wimpy labor, so I stayed at work until about one thirty, when Greg came and got me. We went home and packed the bags and got to the hospital at about three. That morning at my appointment (at nine) I was dialated just one centimeter, and at three I was up to three centimeters. It wasn't enough to admit me, so they asked me to go walk around the hospital for two hours. I was able to walk around for about one hour, and then I went back in. Dialated to four, but having constant contractions, so they admitted me. Again with the new program, so I didn't get officially admitted until about six thirty. It then took them an hour to set up my IV, which was sort of annoying. My arms are covered in failed injection site-bruises. I always thought i had such good veins, but apparently not. Anyway, I got the epidural at about seven thirty and basically nothing happened until they broke my water at about eleven or eleven thirty. Then I got to ten centimeters by one in the morning. Started pushing at one forty or so. He delievered at 4:41am. I was pretty sure he was never going to come at the end. I started crying and said "I can't do it anymore, I just can't!" and the nurse said "are you going to cry or are you going to have your baby?!" So, I had the baby. Needed a little help at the end, but the episiotomy did the trick, and out he came. Extremely cone-headed, but still precious!
They tell you not to push with your face because then you get big bags under the eyes and sores and stuff, but it is sort of hard to avoid. Or was for me. But, it doesn't matter because the face pushing got the most beautiful baby ever out!
There aren't any pictures of Greg and Charlie yet because we didn't really take any at the hospital due to my skin being so sheet white, I looked like I was on the verge of death. These were taken by my dad after we got home, and Greg was taking an extremely well-deserved nap. He stayed awake and kept Charlie from crying during several naps today. We did not really sleep at all last night due to our roommate snoring extremely loudly all night, and her boyfriend talking to their new baby loudly in Spanish all night. There are a lot more fun little anecdotes, but I am going to go lay down some more, so I just wanted to get some pictures out there. We are so happy and excited for our little baby!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bugs, Books, and Babies

Hello, all! I am sorry I missed my Thursday post (I even got an email about someone who checked back, and it warmed my little heart that someone checks up on us, thanks!). Greg had mutual on Wednesday this week and I guess it threw me off, so I forgot to post. However, since I have now waited until after Saturday, there are a few interesting things to post.

First, Thursday was Valentine's Day. What with our income about to be severely decreased (dang SDI is really giving me the run around!) we decided to not spend any money on Valentine's Day, but Greg still managed a little surprise. He brought home lovely tulips and all the fixin's for teriyaki chicken, one of my favorites. He also brought a bag of the candy sweethearts and helped me pick out all the white ones to eat first, since those are my favorites. The cherry on the cake was a romantic movie, and then we went to bed at about nine o'clock, which I love to do lately, so it was a GREAT Valentine's Day. I wish I took a picture of my sweetheart cooking, but I didn't. =( Pictured below are the flowers, however.

On Friday morning I had my 38-week checkup at the doctor's office. I am on my fourth OB/GYN and it ISN'T because I am difficult, I swear. The first guy was in Utah, so when we moved, I obviously switched. The second guy was before I got a job, so it was during the morning hours, which became more difficult to schedule when I got my job. So, the third girl, who I totally loved and saw the most, was an evening doctor, so I was sticking with her until this last time I set up an appointment--apparently she moved to another Kaiser. I was really sad about this and had to get a fourth doctor who I met with on Friday. She was also pretty great. But when I went to schedule this next Friday's appointment, she wasn't scheduled. Ah, the joys of Kaiser! So I have doctor number five for this week. One tiny pregnancy and five doctors. Anyway, this week's appointment was one of the most interesting so far because I found out some interesting things. First, I am apparently Group B Strep positive. This is a bacteria that most women carry and it isn't really a problem until there is a baby headed down the birth canal--at that point it can pass on to the baby and cause meningitis or pneumonia or other terrible things. Luckily, it is an extremely routine test at about 36 weeks, so they caught it with no problem and I will just have to have a penicillin IV during delivery and there won't be any problems for Charlie. Next item is that I am Rh Negative, or, in other words, I have A Negative blood. Greg is O Positive, so our baby could be Rh Positive. Anyway, there is some something that could happen at birth if the baby is positive that would affect future pregnancies, so I had to get a shot. Again, pretty routine. One funny thing that happened when I was down getting my shot was the nurse saying, "Oh, you're twenty-two? You look pretty good for twenty-two." It was approximately the funniest thing I ever heard because I thought twenty-two (or there abouts) was basically the definiton of looking good. I mean, don't people wish they had the skin or body or whatever that they did when they were in their twenties? I don't know. I guess she was just making conversation, but I have been giggling about it since. The last bit of news from the doctor's office is that Charlie is "head down" so I guess he is getting in position.

On Saturday, Greg was nesting in a major way. So, we cleaned like mad people. You know when you clean so much, the house ends up slightly messier than it was to begin with? That is our house now. I pulled out all of the children's books I have collected through the years (many of them books I read as a kid, which is pretty fun, but I am slightly worried the baby is going to rip them and I am not going to be able to handle it, so the oldest ones will be on the top shelf). So, now the room is cluttered with books. But, the baby's room is basically ready. We bought some stuff a few months ago at Michael's to decorate with, which is cheaper than buying the stuff at Babies R Us or wherever, but then we had to take the initiative and spray paint them, along with the most hideous hand-me-down lamps that my mom gave us. So, last night we (actually, Greg, I stayed inside and handed out directions from the other side of the sliding glass door because Greg didn't want me to be out with the fumes) finally got around to painting the stuff. The letters are pictured below, everything else is waiting until Monday or Tuesday to get a second coat of paint. If anyone has ideas on how to affix the letters to the wall, let us know. We have no clues.
The crib and crib set. The letters will go up above the crib once we figure out how to get them up.Here are all of his stuffed animals. Between all the grandparents and then my own panda from my childhood (it won't really be his since it is a girly panda, but I don't have anywhere else to put her), he already has plenty of toys.Greg's representation of what our baby is going to look like is below.

Our final adventure for this weekend came last night. For our date, we went to Wetzel's Pretzles over at the mall and walked around for a little while. On the way home, our tire blew out. Now, friends, I ask you, have you ever met two people with worse luck with cars?! I had my FIRST fender bender ever in December, followed quickly by the radiator in the Nissan going out (this was the third radiator that we have put in the Nissan since I bought it in 2004) besides the fact that this tire going out is the third time we have blown a tire since we moved to California in August. And, characteristically, when we took the car over to Big O, we need not one, but two tires. When the tire went out on the Honda back in September or October, we had to get two tires also. Anyway, we are remarkably tired of car trouble, but we are hoping that our tax refunds will hurry on their way....

The last cool thing for this blog is the really cool stick bug we found on our porch door when we went out to paint all the stuff.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

2 Pictures

With this picture I strived to crop out the lovely trash in the background, but it somehow corrupted the picture I guess and led to all my uploading woes, so you get the picture with the trash, sorry. It is actually CLEAN trash as it is just the boxes and packing material from the baby stuff we bought (car seat and swing), but I had one person tease me about it already, so I thought I would avoid that for the blog, but it looks like trash is what you are getting. Focus on the belly, not the trash I guess. And here is one before church. My husband is just so handsome I had to throw a picture of him in. I hope our baby gets his dimples.

What does full term mean, anyway?

Well, all, we made it another week. This week is exciting because tomorrow I am 37 weeks along, which apparently means something. Does anyone know what full term means? I mean, technically full term wouldn't be until the pregnancy is due to be over, forty weeks. If anyone can illuminate me on this issue, that would be great.

Anyway, as for news in our house, this week included a trip to the zoo, friends over for dinner and games, and a trip to the polling place. And Greg going to mutual, of course.

Saturday morning I woke up and informed Greg that I was staying in bed until the baby came out. He bribed me with many things, but nothing worked until he bribed me with a trip to the zoo! We love our zoo passes (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Mackey!) and so we headed over. We missed the baby panda, but we are going to go again this weekend to see her, since she is only out in the mornings. We did get to see another panda, and lots of fun animals.

On the sky ride thing. What is the official name again?
I am very proud of this zebra because I figured out who he was (Conrad) by studying the pictures that showed the differences between each zebra's stripes. They differ on the bums, and I spent much time looking at their bums to see the identifying marks.
The panda. Lin Su I think was her name. She is moving back to China at the beginning of next year.
Greg with the hugest camel we have EVER seen. Greg with the elephant in front.

You may notice a lack of pictures of me in this set. Frankly, I have gotten so enormously fat in the face that I can't really take it anymore. But I did take a couple of the pregnant belly so you could see my progress. The belly still is pretty small, but the rest of me is ballooning (my mom is always telling me that she can't understand my pregnancy because she was so cute during hers. Thanks a lot. But she is also supportive and says that it will go away soon after he comes.) Anyway, I will try not to complain about the weight because it is worth it for baby. Darn good thing he is coming soon though.

Well, I have uploaded thirty times and the pictures will NOT upload, so I will try them on a separate entry. If not, we will try again next week.

Anyway, Monday we had a couple from our ward over for dinner and games. Greg made dinner - asparagus pasta, his specialty. It was delicious and lots of fun. We played catchphrase, which is a game we love, so all in all, we enjoyed it all.

Tuesday took us to the polls. Neither of our candidates took California (Greg in the red and I in blue) but we got our "I Voted" stickers and still felt good about it. Today, however, Mitt Romeny dropped out and Greg has been in a bad mood about it all day. Poor guy. =(

I do believe that is all for tonight, unless I can get those pictures posted on another post. See you all next week! (Unless I go into labor. I really must figure out this full term thing. Maybe labor is imminent and I don't know it!)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby Shower

Surprised to see me posting on a non-Thursday? Well, I got the pictures of the baby shower from my cousin, so I thought I would throw them on. Enjoy!

Thanks to Aunt Jill and all the Woodfields as well as Stacy, Brittini, Sarah, and Grandma Henry for putting together such a fun baby shower!! I had a great time and thanks to everyone who came and also for all the generous gifts!