Thursday, January 17, 2008

Six Weeks Left...

Well, we shamefully neglect this blog. I hardly ever come on the internet any more it seems (I used to check my email repeatedly every day. Now a days, since I don't have internet at work, I can barely be induced to check even if I am expecting something important), but Greg is at mutual and I was checking up on everyone else's blogs (my niece is so precious!) so I thought I would check in. Especially because in our Christmas letter I shared the link, so there is the potential of people actually looking at the blog. (On that note, sorry if you didn't get a copy of the Christmas letter. I printed out tons and found all the addresses, but by the time I finally did it, it was so shamefully past Christmas that I was embarrassed to actually send out a lot of them. And then I ran out of stamps.)

Anyway, a quick update:

I feel better than I have the whole pregnancy! I am finally figuring out how people possibly have more than one child after discovering the horrors of pregnancy. I have about six weeks left, although I really think Charlie is going to hold out until early March, so really seven to eight weeks. He is still moving so much all the time, so I think he has a lot of growing to do. The books say that toward the end they don't move as much because there isn't as much room, but he seems to be just fine with his space. Every day I am a little bit bigger though. Its a bad day when the maternity pants are squished for room.

Work is still going well for both of us. No official news on what I am doing after the baby comes, but they are still in favor of me working from home some.

Greg is enjoying his church calling (Scoutmaster) and is going on his first Scoutmaster-related campout next weekend. I do not sleep well when he is away (or I didn't the one time he has been away, for a campout when we lived in Provo) so we will see how it goes. I may go hang out at Grandma's that Friday night and leave the creaky sounds that never bother me when he is home behind.

Christmas was great. We got some nice things for the baby, among other lovely gifts. We had our first Christmas morning together in our house (since we lived in Provo the first two years, we were always travelling and thus staying in someone else's house on Christmas morning) and it is definitely the way to go for Christmas. I'm never travelling again over Christmas.
Avery, Christmas at Grandma Henry's.
Okay, admittedly totally weird picture of me (and I am looking like my entire pregnancy is in my chin, but whatever) but Christmas none the less. I think Greg was taking all the pictures that day, so I can't find a weird one of him to post to offset me (and this is the only one of me, the rest were of Avery, who is totally precious and Greg followed around the whole day). My face is not that fat in real life.

Our two year anniversary was fabulous as well. (I can't believe its been two years. I don't know if I can't believe it because it is so long or so short. But being married still totally rocks). I was a bridesmaid (not very maidenly at seven months pregnant, but whatever) in a wedding that spanned across three days and three cities, the last one being San Luis Obisbo in the Santa Barbara area, so we went for broke and spoiled ourselves to staying in a really nice resort the last two days of the four day trip. Right on the beach (Avila Beach) and Greg had the most delicious king salmon we've ever had. I tried not to eat too much of it, but it was really, really good.

My slightly un-maidenly portrayal of a bridesmaid, with beautiful bride, Jen Jensen!

For Christmas Eve we went to the Monday Night Football game in Qualcomm Stadium with our dads. Not only did the Chargers win, we also had a fabulous time. I had to be escorted to the bathroom a few times (Greg and my dad wouldn't let me go by myself because there were a lot of drunk people around. Having a football game on a holiday apparently means to some people to start drinking the night before and drink all day since there is no work on the holiday) and every time we left, things started going badly, and a great play would be in the works as we made our way back up to our seats. Thus, we are the reason for the win (obviously). Hopefully they can do without us this weekend in New England.

Here are some pictures from the game. We were in the VERY top row (nosebleeds of all nosebleeds) but we could see great and had a lot of fun. Spencer watched the game from home and apparently saw us cheering a few times, from very far away.


Mirjam said...

Oh my gosh, you look adorable!!! I didn't know you had a blog! We miss you guys. Your renters are just a bit too shy...

Tris & Ken said...

Love the post. I check the blog regularly to check for updates, so it was so fun to actually SEE a new post! You look completely great, don't even think for a minute that pregnancy doesn't agree with you. You look better and better every time we see you! Can't wait to meet little Charlie! And then I can't wait for the boys to grow up at least a year so that they can be buddies at Christmas and other occasions. I'm so jealous of your no-travelling Christmas and also of your fun trip to San Luis and other places. Hmmm.... It's so fun to hear how you guys are. Hope to keep hearing! If you have pictures of your shower, I'd love to see them! Take care!