Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sometime earlier this week I decided to make it a resolution to post to this blog weekly or so (ever since I found out I have at least one reader, my sister in law Tristen). Anyway, I was very resolved and decided that Thursday nights would be a great time because Greg is gone at mutual. Anyway, sometime in the week I totally forgot (like so many other resolutions) and I just thought of it now, and Greg will be coming home in the next fifteen minutes or so. Anyway, I am going to post quickly so that I can at least have my resolution stay in place for one week.

Everything has been fairly uneventful this week. Lots of rain, which is technically nice, but I only like rain while I am in bed listening to it. However, moisture in San Diego is fairly rare, so I guess I have to be grateful. Greg's first campout as scoutmaster is this weekend and I am pretty cranky about it, but he is planning it with great dexterity. I shouldn't be so cranky but I do NOT like it when Greg isn't home. The campsite they had planned has snow on the forecast, so they are doing "urban camping" which is apparently just in someone's backyard. I guess they are still doing foil dinners and tents and such, so it should be almost as genuine except with noises of traffic in the background.

Work is still going well for both of us. I switch over to be an "exempt employee" next week, which is hardly interesting, but Greg and I are really excited because it is the first step toward my working from home after the baby comes. Greg's days are still totally jammed full of work, which is great for the company.

We did something exciting for Family Home Evening this week: we went to Babies R Us armed with gift cards and got the last couple of items we needed for before the baby comes. The two things we really needed were the carseat and the mattress for the crib. We found a brand new mattress for half the price of the store on craigslist, and we picked that up Tuesday night, but the carseat we got at Babies R Us. We also got a swing and some other things we had wanted. But, we are basically stocked for now. We know that we are pretty inexperienced and are sure that we will find plenty that we need after the baby comes, but we feel confident that at least we can get him home and then put him to bed.

Another thing since the last post would be 2 baby showers! The girls at my work threw me a surprise shower, which was so sweet of them. Friday afternoon they sent me to get the mail, which was pretty weird, and then they had one of the offices' door closed when I got back, which was weird, and then they sent me in there to meet with one of the hiring managers about one of the applications I had screened, which was weird, but I somehow ignored all the weirdness and was completely surprised. I think that someone took some pictures, so I will have to track them down and post them. Then, Saturday was the shower that my sister and aunt threw with the help of my cousins and Sarah and Brittini Brimhall. That was a total blast as well and everyone (including work friends) has been very sweet and generous. This baby is definitely going to have some cute clothes! There are pictures from that as well, which my cousin is giving me Saturday night, so stay tuned.

Other than that, nothing to report. I agree with my brother's opinion that blogs should be heavy pictures and light words (although I like to talk so much that sometimes I write too much) but we don't have a baby yet and, as I said, the baby shower pictures aren't ready, so here are some miscellaneous ones for the meantime. Warning, we don't have a baby yet, so we still love our cat enough to take pictures of her occasionally.

Greg in his Scoutmaster shirt. Actually, He needs more patches (including his troop and one that says "Scoutmaster" and I still haven't given up the five year quest I have been on for him to go to a scout store and get his eagle patch) but he looks very handsome. Additionally, see the nice haircut he got after complaining for months. I love his hair long and I let the poor man suffer for my benefit as long as he can take it, but he looks equally handsome with the short hair.

My cat overtook the bed the other night and we laughed and had to take a picture before she got kicked out.

Tobi sits on our new rocking chair all day and just watches the crib. Its pretty funny.

Alright, all. See you next Thursday!

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That's right! I'm your reader! And today I set up my google reader so that I get immediate feeds of new blog posts, so you can be sure that I will get all of your new posts!