Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kankles and other thoughts

Well, happy Thursday everyone. I love a good Thursday. The almost-weekend feeling gives you a little boost to get you through Friday. I am not sure how I am going to get through my day tomorrow, however, because there is this guy on the "management track" at work and he is learning all the workings of the hotel and tomorrow I have to teach him my job for four hours. I have been SWAMPED all week and working super hard until today--nothing. And my boss is out of town, so there isn't much chance I will be given anything of substance before tomorrow. Thus I will need to spend four hours looking busy and important to my future general manager. Lovely. I am sure it will be fine though. I will think of something. And, if not, my sister gave me the idea that I can go to the bathroom every five minutes (which isn't far from what I do anyway) to escape him. I totally have an excuse.
Updates since last week include a very successful "camping trip" for Greg. Apparently they ended up skipping the backyard all together and just had a sleepover of sorts in Brother Zarcilla's living room. They played guitar hero and watched School of Rock all night. They did eat foil dinners and Greg brought and played his guitar (real one, not the guitar hero one) so there were SOME campy elements of it, but it all sounds pretty clean for roughing it. It was fun though, especially because half the troop (one boy) just moved here two weeks ago, so he was able to get to know the other boy in a pretty relaxed environment. The next campout is scheduled for the weekend the baby is due, so Greg might get a doctor's note on that one, but they are busily planning Scout Camp in June, which is going to be on Catalina Island and apparently fabulous.

Sunday included a particularly unpleasant realization for me: a lady in the Relief Society presidency leaned over to me during the closing song (that is what you get for sitting in the front row and close enough to be leaned to) and said "Wow, your ankles are really swelling up, aren't they?!" I smiled and said nothing but then inspected them upon getting home and decided they were normal. But then I asked Greg and he seemed to agree with the lady in my ward (in a completely nice way, he wasn't mean or anything). I decided the whole world had gone crazy because my ankles are totally normal, but then at work today I told one of the girls I work with about it. She demanded to see the ankles in question and pointed out that you could barely see the knobby bone that is supposed to protrude from one's ankle. So, it has been confirmed. The ankles are totally swollen. I didn't even know. So, my face and hands might be three times the average as well, since I am apparently unaware of what normal body parts look like anymore. Haha. Anyway, I guess swollen ankles is one step closer to d-day wich is four weeks from tomorrow. I am trying to keep saying "first week of March" so I don't get disappointed when he is late. I am pretty sure he is going to be late too. My mom got my hopes up with the tidbit that I was ten days early, but I don't think anything is going to be genetic on that count.

The final bit of news for the blog today is a recognition of President Hinckley. I wanted to share something nice that our Bishop emailed to the ward about President Hinckley's last few days:

Dear Ward Members,

Today I spoke briefly with Clark Hinckley, President Hinckely's son, and I just wanted to share a few thoughts about about President Hinckely's passing away. On Tuesday he had a Chemotherapy treatment but on Wednesday President was back to a full work schedule. Thursday he was not feeling well and on Sunday he was surrounded by family members during the day. Later that evening members of the Quorum of the Twelve administered to him and within several hours he very peacefully passed away. Speaking about his fathers experience Clark mentioned that this is a difficult time for the Quorum of the Twelve and mentioned that we should pray for them, especially for President Monson. The Funeral is arranged for Saturday and will most likely be broadcast on BYU TV. The following link to Deseret New has links to the news articles.

Sincerely, Bishop Davies

President Hinckley was so well loved throughout the world and in our home. He was the prophet when Greg was baptized, so he is the only prophet he has known. We are so happy he has rejoined his wife after almost four years, but we will miss him very much. I loved how Brother Clark Hinckley reminded us to pray for the twelve and President Monson.
Anyway, thanks again for keeping tabs on us (our audience doubled this week I think as now my sister-in-law and my Grandma Mackey both check out our blog occasionally!) and have a lovely day.

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