Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, the news is in. We are officially having a BOY!! We are so so happy about getting a little guy. He is right on schedule and growing as he should. His favorite hang out is right under my ribs, but luckily he isn't so big that he is constantly under there, haha. By way of reminder, we are due February 29th (and I know Feb only has 28 days, but next year is leap year, and it is the due date. People correct me all the time and say "you mean March 1st," but the 29th is what the doctors said). We will be naming him after daddy, so Gregory Charles Thomas Ashcraft. Quite the name for such a little guy, but we will call him Charlie, which definitely fits with a baby, don't you think?

In the meantime, Greg is trying to keep me away from Baby Gap and other stores (we did go to Baby Gap today because there is a maternity section in the back, but you have to walk through all the cute baby clothes to get to it. You know that "Red" campaign that Gap has going? We totally got a onesie that says "DIAP(RED)". It was on sale.) The current style is apparently "newsie" and all the little hats and vests are so cute. Luckily there are grandparents for that kind of thing!

Anyway, here is our little munchkin. We got nine pictures at the ultrasound, but they are all approximately the same shot (four face, five proving he is a little boy) so I am just going to include the one.

You can see his nose and lips pretty easily and his eye in the original, although I don't know if you can really see the eye in this picture. The little dark spot down under his head is his heart. During the ultrasound we saw it beating away, 147 beats per minute!

Anyway, thanks for staying updated with our little guy!