Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, the news is in. We are officially having a BOY!! We are so so happy about getting a little guy. He is right on schedule and growing as he should. His favorite hang out is right under my ribs, but luckily he isn't so big that he is constantly under there, haha. By way of reminder, we are due February 29th (and I know Feb only has 28 days, but next year is leap year, and it is the due date. People correct me all the time and say "you mean March 1st," but the 29th is what the doctors said). We will be naming him after daddy, so Gregory Charles Thomas Ashcraft. Quite the name for such a little guy, but we will call him Charlie, which definitely fits with a baby, don't you think?

In the meantime, Greg is trying to keep me away from Baby Gap and other stores (we did go to Baby Gap today because there is a maternity section in the back, but you have to walk through all the cute baby clothes to get to it. You know that "Red" campaign that Gap has going? We totally got a onesie that says "DIAP(RED)". It was on sale.) The current style is apparently "newsie" and all the little hats and vests are so cute. Luckily there are grandparents for that kind of thing!

Anyway, here is our little munchkin. We got nine pictures at the ultrasound, but they are all approximately the same shot (four face, five proving he is a little boy) so I am just going to include the one.

You can see his nose and lips pretty easily and his eye in the original, although I don't know if you can really see the eye in this picture. The little dark spot down under his head is his heart. During the ultrasound we saw it beating away, 147 beats per minute!

Anyway, thanks for staying updated with our little guy!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Here is baby's first picture!!!

The baby is upside down, so the lower middle splotch is the head with the body coming up in a left-ern diagonal direction. We think the baby is lovely, but my mom says its a face only a mother could love, haha!

We will probably find out the gender in October!! So we will keep you posted until then.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here we are with the official sign. I am embarrassed that I never noticed that it said "the world is our campus" until my dad said it on the morning of graduation as we drove by.
In the crowd before getting our diplomas at convocation.

With the parents right after commencement.
Wesley, Pat, Katie, Mom, Rachel, Greg, Kaylin, Dad right before commencement.
Don't you think we should have to wear these all the time? So studious!


Well, we made it to California. But not without our share of hitches.
First, we were about two hours into the trip (maybe less. We were in Fillmore area. You can look it up.) when traffic stopped. On the freeway. Dead stop. We sat there for THREE hours. We did make friends with other people who were stopped and Wesley (he and my mom were about twenty cars in front of us stopped) ferried back and forth with gum, tweezers, fingernail clippers, and anything else we could think of to keep me from totally loosing my mind. Greg read Harry potter which was in the car by a fluke, but all my books had been packed, even the ones that I had intentionally left out for the trip, so I was just thumb twiddling when Wesley had no pastime for me. I picked my fingernails until they bled, so that is when the tweezers and fingernail clippers were taken away. Anyway. Count our blessings, because we were only about 5 miles behind the accident which led me to wish we had been in front of it, etc., but Greg reminded me that we were so lucky we hadn't been IN it. It was nine cars, including two semis with at least two fatalities. Very tragic.
The next mishap happened the following morning when we made it to our apartment to pay the deposit and get going on the move in. we wanted to pay the deposit and get the keys before we ran all our errands because our cat was in the car and sufficiently frazzled from being in a car for so long the day before and then sleeping at my parents, who also have a kitten, two dogs, a bird, and a snake. Tobi does not like other animals. Anyway, we went in with most of the deposit in cash and then a check for the rest. They told me that they couldn't accept cash or a personal check and that I would need to get everything taken care of with a cashier's check or money order. since there was only one worker and there was a couple looking at different apartments in line before us, I stayed behind to take care of the paperwork and hold our place in line (like ten people came in right after us) while he went over to the bank. First, the girl gave him pretty bad directions to get to the nearest wells Fargo. he made it (only after he had given up and turned back did he find it) and stood in line and presented the check that needed to be cashed in order for us to have the money to make the cashiers check (the cash from above was the money we were going to use for our furniture at Ikea, but we hadn't gotten to the bank to cash the check we were going to use for the deposit but because of the cat, we wanted to get the apartment first, you know. Try and follow along.) And the folks down at wells Fargo informed him that their system was down. Greg asked where the next nearest branch was and they said "no, sir. Our system is down. Nationally." Um. Excuse me?! What kind of multi billion dollar international (probably) company can just have their system down? What the heck is FICA for? And are we in the year 1930 when the banks simply close their doors? So, we had to go borrow some money from my grandma to be able to finally pay the deposit and get my poor cat into the apartment in peace. Then, we had borrowed my uncle's truck so that we might purchase our furniture at Ikea, but now our furniture money had been put into the deposit. Then, since I just bought sprinklers for my Provo house (those are in after more than a week of hard labor, by the way), my credit card was pretty spent, so we only had a portion of the money we had saved to purchase furniture in credit on the card. Anyway, we went to Ikea and bought what we could, which turned out all right. The bed we picked was out of stock, so we still need to head back over there and get that.
The final piece of news is that the darn truck full of our stuff (including the mattresses that need to go inside the bed we still need to buy, so we don't have a sleeping apparatus at our apartment yet. Sleeping at grandma's still.) Does not arrive until Monday. (We were really hoping that it would be here today or Friday, but oh well. Hopefully people from our new ward here in San Diego will rush to volunteer to help us move Monday, haha.
Anyway, we have our couches which are lovely (Greg finally got his way with the leather) and we have finished building 97% of the Ikea furniture. On Saturday the beds come in, so we will go buy and build that. In the meantime, I started work today, and I think I would rather go back to school. Masters program anyone?

Monday, July 30, 2007

peer pressure

I have succumbed to the peer pressure and am making a blog. Nothing too interesting will be happening on it now since we are currently just running around trying to get everything ready for our move (and graduation in EIGHTEEN DAYS!!!)
However, I wanted to stick something here in case anyone clicks onto it through comments on other chums’ blogs.
Soon you will be hearing more from us...